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Best Ultra Thin Computer Monitors 2017


My desk space is limited so having a monitor which is thin and takes up a small amount of space is essential. Because I work in front of my computer all day long it also needs to have a high level of functionality and be light on my eyes. Here's a review my favorite ultra-thin and sleek computer monitors for 2017.

LED Monitor

LED Monitor


Thinner and Environmentally Friendly

You might have heard that LED (light emitting diode) backlit LCD monitors are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than standard CCFL backlit LCD monitors. Did you know that they are thinner and can produce deeper blacks than LCD monitors as well? In the past you could save money by purchasing an inexpensive LCD monitor. Today prices between LCD and LED monitors are very similar. For a thin, environmentally-friendly, and picturesque monitor go with LED.

HP Ultra-Thin LED Computer Monitors

HP x2301 Micro Thin LED monitor

The new HP x2301 weighs 7 pounds and is a mere 9.8 mm deep (less than a half an inch). What I really like about the x2301 is that despite its thin design this sleek monitor produces a great picture with vibrant colors.

Specifications include a 1920 x 1080 resolution, 170 degree horizontal viewing angle, 160 degree vertical viewing angle, tilt adjustable -5 to +20 degrees, 8,000,000:1 DCR, 1 HDMI connector, 1 DVI-D connector, 1 VGA connector, and a 3ms response time.


Overall I really like the HP X2301 and it looks classy on just about any desk. While it does have a great picture the screen is glossy so that may be a deal breaker for some. Another thing to keep in mind is that the HP 2311x 23-Inch LED Monitor, which is around 1" deep, has a similar picture and screen size for considerably less money. That being said, thin is in, and the X2301 looks stellar.

Thinnest Viewsonic Monitor5 for 2014

Viewsonic VX2453MH-LED

One of the more interesing new release monitors of 2015 was Viewsonic's VX2452MH-LED. For this monitor Viewsonic incorporated a removable stand and a book stand option which allows you to tilt the monitor back. This creates significantly more desk space and gives you another viewing angle. I have the 27 inch version of this monitor on one of my home computers and while I don't tend to use the book stand option very much, it's still a nice feature.

Perhaps what is more impressive about the Viewsonic VX series is the picture that comes with it. Technical details include a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 30,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and a 2ms response time (1ms for the 27 inch version). The low response time gives you blur-free motion for gaming and video and the picture really seems to pop.

The bottom bezel is perhaps larger than most other monitors, but in order to make this monitor as thin as possible Viewsonic incorporated its integrated speakers there.

Overall this is a great monitor at under $200 and one you should definitely consider. If the bezel is a little large for you, then consider Viewsonic's VA2448M-LED as well.


Thin Asus Monitors for 2015

ASUS ML228H Ultra-Slim LED Monitor

Another really cool monitor that's ultra-thin is the Asus VE228H. At around .65 inches thick it has a space saving profile which is sleek and looks good in just about any office space.

One of the things you may either hate or love about the VE228H is the Ergo-Fit II ring stand. I've had a few ring stands in the past that just didn't seem to hold the weight of the monitor well. This particular ring stand is probably the sturdiest I've used and I love how easy it is to position my monitor to the exact location I want it.

Key features for this monitor include a 10,000,000:1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio for deeper blacks, Full 1080P HD with HDMI, Asus Splendid Technology, a 2ms response time for blur-free video, and LED touch sensitive buttons for the front panel.


Ultra Thin and Sleek Samsung Monitors for 2015

Samsung S27A950D

For pure elegance and new design innovation take a look at the new Samsung S27A950D 3D monitor which is just .4 inches thick. With Tri-Def technology this monitor can convert your 2D programming in to 3D. While the S27A950D may seem a bit pricey it comes with a complete 3D solution and includes a kit with 3D glasses and 3D gaming software.

With a super fast 2ms response time, 120MHz refresh rate, and full high definition, this monitor produces one of the best 2D and 3D pictures available on a TN panel monitor and I highly recommend if you're willing to spend a little bit extra for a high-quality Samsung product.

Technical Details:

Specifications for the Samsung S27A950D include; 1920x1080, 120 Hz, 300 cd/m2 brightness rating, 2ms (GTG), 16.7M color support, 170°/160° viewing angle, Mac compatible for 2D, 2D to 3D Conversion, DDD TriDef Software Included, Eco Motion Sensor, Eco Light Sensor, Eco Saving, Multi Screen, Off Timer, Customized Key, Image Size, DVI-D Dual Link, HDMI, and it's tilt adjustable.

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anonymous on June 15, 2013:

Why are desktop monitors always so much thicker than laptop monitors?

Samsung's IPS laptop monitors are much thinner than any of the monitors listed here, and look beautiful even sitting next to current desktop monitors.

anonymous on December 07, 2012:

As very thin monitors are becoming more popular, I would have like to see more having to option to flip it horizontal or vertical (landscape or portrait) right from its stand.

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