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How Are Social Media, Texting, Cell Phones and the Internet Convenient in the Modern Day?

I have expertise in computers and technology having bachelors and masters degrees in equivalent fields along with teaching experience.

The Advent of Modern Technology

When technology was in earlier stages, people had to communicate by analog telephones, fax machines and hand-written letters. With the advent of advanced technology, all the above are obsolete, and they are replaced by innovative digital schemes. Some of the modern technologies are Social Media, Texting, Cell Phones and the Internet.

The Need for Social Media

Social Media help you to connect to your friends and your loved ones when you want. You can post photos, pictures and videos that you want to share with them. They can comment on them or like them. You can reply to their comments. You also have the option to chat with friends and near and dear ones. Above all, it helps you get connected with the people you love.

The Need for Texting

Texting via cell phones is a quick short message that you can send to anybody such as, acquaintances, friends, relatives, and family when you don’t feel like conversing. You just want them to know some information and stay aloof.

The Need for Cell Phones

Cell Phones come into a role when you want to talk with somebody for longer durations. Nowadays the apps WhatsApp/Viber and also, Messenger on cell phones help you to connect to people free of cost. These have become, therefore, extremely popular. You can also send attachments of pictures or images via these software applications.

Mulling over your cell phone?

Mulling over your cell phone?

The Need for Internet

The mighty reign of internet is a great invention of the mid-nineties. Without internet life cannot at all progress in this day. You need to search and browse for information. You need to upload photos or chat in Facebook. You need to video chat on Facebook or Skype with internet. You need to email by gmail or yahoo or any other email service provider to keep in touch with the people you want. Simply put, without internet you are lost and it has become a part of our daily life.

Browsing the internet?

Browsing the internet?

Does All This Technology Make the World Larger or Smaller?

Certainly gone are the days when we had to wait for weeks to months to communicate with the other side of the world. Now everybody is available within finger tips with just a dial of the cell phone or by emails from a laptop, for instance. Nothing like technology of today could shrink the world to such a nutshell that we all can stay connected with whoever we want.

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How Do You Create a Work/Life Balance in the Presence of Technology?

While technology will be there, you needn’t stay with your cell phone or laptop all day long. You can read books, watch TV, concentrate on some hobby like cooking or gardening, go for a long drive, or simply spend time in mother nature, switching off your laptop or cell phone. This way you can strike a work/life balance beautifully and harmoniously.

Do You Think You Are Addicted to Technology?

Everywhere you go, either at home or work, you will find technological devices. Therefore, while you use them, you do not have to get addicted to them. Take coffee or tea breaks and have cookies along. Watch outside of your window. Look high up in the sky. Who knows, you may be lucky to see a rainbow. Appreciate all these little things during breaks. You will be more productive in your day without addiction.

Are You Comfortable with Technology?

The other extreme of being addicted with technology is to feel uncomfortable with it. You may not be up-to-date. Or you bear shallow knowledge on the topic. Fear not. The best time to start to learn it all is now- yes, the present. It's never too late. Take some classes in your local area on computers and technology. You will soon find your way around technology, and the everyday gadgets along with their applications become a piece of cake for you.

Summing up, the Checklist

1) Modern technology has made earlier methods of communication obsolete.

2) Social media like Facebook helps to post photos and videos and comment on them. We can also video chat with loved ones.

3) Texting is an aloof method of sending quick information to acquaintances, friends and loved ones.

4) WhatsApp/Viber/Messenger on cell phones allows us to talk to anybody anywhere in the world free of cost.

5) The mighty reign of internet is very broad in its upsides allowing for browsing information, video chatting on Facebook or Skype, for instance, and emailing by gmail, yahoo or any other email service provider.

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