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7 Youtubers Who Have The Weirdest Voices

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E.B. Black is a woman in her thirties who loves Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, and all things related to internet culture.

Youtube Is Full Of Interesting People

Watching youtube is very different than watching cable television. It's more intimate. While you probably aren't going to meet any of the youtubers personally, a lot of them do interact with fans and respond to comments more than other celebrities do. A lot of them are willing to vlog and share the most painful and joyous moments of their lives with fans. They do whatever they can to make us laugh. They play video games while we watch, review items while we listen. It feels like after awhile that you get to know them.

There are all different types of people on youtube because anyone can make a video using their camera phone (or whatever equipment they buy) and upload it online. Below is a list of people with very unique voices who post on youtube.


1. Meghan McCarthy

I know she says this is her real voice at the beginning of the video, but I had trouble believing it when I first saw this. I've met people with childish voices, but never anyone with a voice this high pitch. It's good she's able to feel confident in herself and keep uploading videos despite the constant questions about her voice.

2. Jacob Cruikshank

I have to say that this kid is an inspiration to me. The way he reads the comments written by people who hate him and makes a joke out of all of it shows how strong he is. I know that I didn't have that kind of courage at his age.

There are a lot of people with speech impediments who are afraid to talk. They're afraid of being made fun of. But it seems like he's embraced himself and his voice. He's not only unafraid to speak, he has his own youtube channel and regularly creates videos online.

If this boy looks familiar, it may be because he looks just like a younger version of his brother, Lucas Cruikshank, who most people know as the youtuber, Fred. Fred made several videos of himself playing a childish character online who only spoke in a high-pitched voice that eventually got movies and its own series on Nickelodeon. It was later canceled and he sold his channel. He created a new one that goes just by his first name, Lucas, where he acts like himself and posts himself doing random things online, sometimes with family members, like Jacob.

Fred - First Youtuber To Reach One Million Subscribers And Brother Of Jacob

3. Tay Zonday

If you've been using the internet for a number of years, you've probably heard of Tay Zonday and his song that he created, that went viral, called "Chocolate Rain." Let's face it. This song wouldn't have ever gotten as popular as it is if he didn't have such an amazing voice!

4. Jake Foushee

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While Jake Foushee can do impressions, his voice is amazing even without any impressions. I'd say he was the reincarnation of Morgan Freeman, but Morgan Freeman is still alive. It's no surprise that he made it on the talk show, Ellen, to discuss his amazing voice where she surprised him in the end by getting him an agent.

5. D*mn, Daniel!

This is a series of videos that went so viral online that the people who created them made it to television. They recorded these short videos so many times and posted them on twitter that it became like an inside joke and everyone wanted to take the guy's voice and edit it into new videos for laughs.

Let's face it, part of the reason they become popular is how goofy the camera man's voice sounds when he's talking to Daniel. No one would have probably cared about them otherwise.

6. Runforthecube

I didn't even know if this guy was speaking English when I first saw this video, he sounded so strange. I don't know if this is how he normally talks or if he's being goofy on purpose. (It's probably on purpose.)

EIther way, he runs a whole channel with other videos just like this one. I don't know if his voice makes me want to punch something more or watch another one of his videos.

7. Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas runs two youtube channels where she talks about beauty, her ambitions, shopping, and her life. But most people don't know that she has a secret talent for reading really fast out loud. I was skeptical at first that she was really reading the words when I first saw this video. But then they played it back in slow motion and she was enunciating all of them. I am impressed.


This Is Why I Love Youtube

I love youtube because you can search for almost anything and find it. I feel like youtube is much more of a social networking sites than other sites with videos because whenever you are feeling down, you can search for someone going through the same thing. And whenever you are curious about something, like what it's like to be a kindergarten teacher, you can search and find someone vlogging about it.

There are so many unique people on youtube, more than any other video web-site. This list was just a few of the examples.

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