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Youtube Channel Name: An Ultimate Guide to Find the Best Name


How to name your YouTube channel is not easy to answer and puts a novice video blogger in a dead-end situation. However, there are many naming tips and rules that you should know and follow. They help you generate a new and useful name for your video blog. This article is the ultimate guide to finding the best Youtube Channel Name.

What should the name be, and why it matters?

"As you name the ship, so shall it sail" is a saying that's very appropriate for naming your YouTube channel. There are a few rules to look after:

  1. The main tip is that the title should be one of a kind on YouTube. That is, it should not already be occupied by someone else's channel or even be related to it. A YouTube search can quickly check it to ensure that the audience does not confuse you and your "twin" when entering search terms.
  2. Do not use the names of other people's companies and brands. Plagiarism is far from a "good tone" rule. With such a blog name, the moderators can send the channel to ban at any time.
  3. A right name - not too long, easy to read and easy to type. Usability and simplicity are significant trends on the internet today.
  4. A good title anticipates what the channel is about. It makes it easier to perceive, find and attract the right target audience, filtering out 'accidental' unnecessary visitors who will not understand the content or the value of the information.
  5. An effective name is easy to remember and then replayed in memory. It is an extremely important criterion for success. After all, if the title is not memorable, how can you be re-Googled or recommended in conversations between friends? Therefore, test the title in a mass social survey of friends, family or subscribers on social networks.

How to name a channel correctly?

1. Your name

The easiest and, simultaneously, the most winning way is to apply your first and last name to your channel name. As uncomplicated as it may seem, it works. It will be useful for developing your personal brand, especially if you appear in the frame as a blogger or interviewer, a speaker, or specialise in working with people or services like psychologist, restaurateur or gamer.

But if your first and last names aren't catchy and exciting enough, you can always create a fictional name for YouTube, like many prominent creators do, for example, VanossGaming, MrBeast, Dude Perfect etc.

Also, an exciting option is to do a name combo. "Double combo": you simultaneously promote your personal brand with your first name or nickname. You can combine the brand name and your name into one phrase or separate with a slash, signs, and dashes. Ideas for such titles: "Cooking with Alisha", "Healthy Food from Maya", "Charlie Puth | yoga every day".

2. The name of your organisation/brand

If your YouTube channel's name is related to the name of your existing brand or company, you kill two birds with one stone through cross-promotion. In one way, it has a positive impact on revenue generation and monetisation. How? You will promote the company on YouTube and generate content marketing. It will impact brand and product promotion, which will increase demand, sales and customer flow.

On the other hand, an established name, brand reputation and an existing loyal audience will work in favour of your young, growing channel.

The difference between this approach and direct advertising and sales is that the YouTube blog affects the audience precisely by presenting useful, interesting and unique material. A branded project expands the audience and reveals the company from a different perspective. For example, how it functions from the inside or the behind-the-scenes of its work.


3. Analysing the names of other channels and competitors

A good rule of thumb is to be inspired by other people's examples and don't be embarrassed to rework or get inspired by someone else's names to suit you.
The saying - "Everything new is well forgotten old" is relevant in any market. For example, on Social Blade, you can look up the rankings of the top blogs in the world and get a dose of inspiration.

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4. Using the content and theme of your channel in the name

A successful name correlates with the specialization of the channel and meets the interests of the target audience. To do this, study and describe your target audience in great detail: socio-demographics, gender and age, interests, hobbies, what the potential audience eats for breakfast and what films they watch. This is an essential skill for successful marketing and PR of a YouTube channel and is necessary at every stage.

Therefore, it is better to reflect the theme in the title. It is essential to focus on what the channel can teach subscribers and how it can be useful. For example, step-by-step video tutorials are called HomeCraft's or a channel for gardeners is called Garden World.


5. Key phrases in the name

To increase your search engine coverage, include keywords directly related to your YouTube channel's topic in the title. For example, if your video blog is about cars, the most frequent queries will be the phrases "what car", "car sales", etc.

Then type these words into google, and see how the phrase completes for the most frequent queries. Among the variations you get, you can select some combinations for future use. For example, a title that mentions the word "car" for a car review and comparison channel is sure to be successful in the search engines. And this will give an increase in additional audience, higher rankings and many views.

6. What to do if you have no ideas and don't want to bother

Suppose all of the above methods are ineffective or unacceptable for you for some reason. A paid copywriter or branding agency will do the job well and give you a lot of structured variations.

When submitting your terms of reference to your copywriter, don't forget to mention the subject, your objectives and your name requirements. The more accessible and understandable your vision is, the better and more effectively, the result will be delivered.


What mistakes not to make

Don't make these top 5 mistakes that short-sighted or novice YouTubers make:

  1. The name is too long and complicated. The terms of famous and successful channels consist of just one or two words. Interjections, conjunctions, articles and prepositions are exceptions. Therefore, try to "fit" in one or two words.
  2. Too "elaborate" creativity in the name, play on words, use rare words and complex archaisms. It will emphasise your claim to originality but is unlikely to add to the ease and memorability of the name you are looking for. Try to come up with an accessible name, unless, of course, your target audience are Harvard graduates.
  3. The name for your channel does not reflect the essence or is at odds with the content. To avoid this, follow the associative lineage and the images that emerge when you read the name.
  4. "My Mother Likes It". This is definitely the last thing to do. In such a severe and fundamental task, you need to operate with facts. What you personally think you like may not please your wider audience at all.
  5. Using long, meaningless combinations of words and numbers. A set of unsound words signals only one thing - the owner does not care about his channel, and he treats it with disdain.

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