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Your DSLR Will Enjoy You Wearing The Ranger DSLR Sling V2


Carry Your DSLR

Contrary to popular belief, the advent of the smartphone camera has not eliminated the need for hand held digital cameras. Besides the obvious, which is that a DSLR — a digital single lens reflex camera — will have a better imagining sensor, there’s also the fact that interchangeable lenses and a host of controls make for better picture taking. And that’s without even mentioning (though we are now) that memory storage of pictures is superior to that of a smartphone. But when it comes to portability, a digital camera, lenses and other accessories can’t be shoved into pockets and so must needs go into a camera bag. Back in the days of conventional film cameras, the camera bag was a bit of a clunky affair — a squarish lined “box” with compartments that could hold a multitude of objects. But it wasn’t convenient for carrying around and certainly didn’t make for fast movements on the part of the photographer who was carrying it. Flash forward and you get the Ranger DSLR Sling V2, which as will be seen provides for the needs of today’s photographer and creates a totally different kind of environment for holding the DSLR and accessories.


Construction Makes The Difference

Because the Sling doesn’t expect you to grab a handle and heft it up — you’re going to wear it around your body and so keep your hands free until they’re needed for opening it and accessing the contents both on its exterior (sort of) and inside. But yes there's a flush grab handle since you might want to take it off, but expect the side adjustable load straps and double buckle strap to work together for making for an easier feeling as it holds snugly against you. And yes there are adjustable bottom carry straps too. Some of the padding that lives here— we’ll get to that in a minute — actually helps to make it feel more comfortable as you’re wearing it. So let’s get to the specs that make the most sense at the front, its construction. Since it’s made from Cordura — a man-made material that simulates leather’s finer points — that allows for a high level of water resistance (sensible since the contents definitely need to be kept dry. The zippers will be taking an up/down “beating” because they’re going to be used repeatedly have custom metal pulls and are genuine YKK zipper material (known for thumbs up use).

Now part of our getting to what is going on outside and inside the Sling requires noting that padding mentioned earlier. There’s an inner main compartment with configurable and movable (i.e., removable) partitions that is both padded and fleece lined (those interior dividers can collapse to make for greater smallness overall). For the camera and lens obviously — Sling uses as an example a Leica or Sony mirrorless or even a Canon 5D with a 24-70mm lens will fit here. Remember this is for DSLR users, even though other things could be put inside. Also inside are zippered mesh accessory pockets so you can look at what’s there without going frantic before you start opening and pulling small stuff out like USB cables, etc. (back in the day of film the idea of carrying “computer” cables with your gear would make for heavy head scratching).

What There Is Inside and Outside

And because digital extends past the camera sensor, there’s also a dedicated sleeve space at the back for holding a smallish tablet — for example an iPad Mini (exact space here is 10 x 6.5 inches) — and lined with a faux-fur material. It’s zippered of course to keep things in place. There’s also a front access organizer for quick access, along with hidden velcro-powered stash pockets (including a pocket designed for holding a phone or sunglasses and of course lined with padding, in this case that faux-fur material). Finally, the bottom panel of the Sling can be folded out of the way or removed completely for making this flat (empty of course). Pretty nifty trick for such a protective bag.

And just a bit more about that padding, of which there’s more than one might expect on the top lid and the shoulder pad (the shoulder pad having more padding is extremely appreciated).


The Ranger DSLR Sling V2’s dimensions are 14.5"L x 7.5"W x 4.75”D, with a weight of merely 1.3 lbs by itself and able to hold 8L. There’s even a hideway rain fly. For moe details go to https://www.hexbrand.com/collections/ranger

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