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YouTube Like Instagram? Here's How to Post Pictures on Your Channel

YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms ever. Once famous just as a place where to find and post generally long videos about different topics, nowadays is also focused on short musical videos, following the success of TikTok. Despite the new features added to YouTube over the years, there is still a clear association between the platform to the activity of watching and sharing videos. Despite this, YouTube can be considered a social network at all effects, together with platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Of course, it still lacks some features like private messaging and groups. Moreover, subscribing to a YouTube channel is not often perceived in the same way as adding a friend to Facebook: people tend to subscribe when they have an interest in following videos of a specific creator. Recording a video for YouTube may require time, so most people just follow creators and limit to comment them and watching other videos, so that they tend to have a passive experience on the platform. On the contrary, services like Instagram allow people to share even just selfies, so they are more perceived as social networks where to share every aspect of daily life, and not as services where to be only spectators.

Watching YouTube on a TV.

Watching YouTube on a TV.

YouTube Is a Social Network

YouTube is not exactly considered on a par with platforms like Instagram or Facebook because people tend to follow more professional creators rather than use the 'subscribe' feature to stay in touch with their family and friends. Despite this, the popular video-sharing service is a real social network. There's nothing wrong with having a YouTube channel, connecting with those of our friends, and sharing videos of everyday life like one would do on Instagram with photos. Still, YouTube is associated with videos and not many people would see it as a service to share statuses or pictures like it was possible on the defunct Google Plus social network and is still possible on Facebook or Twitter.

Posting Statuses and Pictures on a YouTube Channel

A little-known aspect of YouTube is that despite its purpose being video sharing, the platform allows also one to post statuses and pictures, just like one could do on Facebook. YouTube has a specific Community tab that allows making posts of several kinds. The fact it is not much known by most users lies in the exclusivity of this feature, which disabled by default on every channel. To be eligible for community posts, one should have at least 500 subscribers at the time this article is written.

The posting feature on YouTube Community tab.

The posting feature on YouTube Community tab.

Considering many people use YouTube passively, this means they don't start their YouTube experience seeing this tab so they don't get used to posting on YouTube as they would on places like Instagram or Facebook. Maybe even YouTube has never meant to completely replace these social media platforms, as there is still a considerable limitation in terms of subscribers to post in the Community tab. There is maybe more the idea that creators already followed by people for their videos can enhance their relationship with subscribers by posting updates. This idea doesn't compare the Community tab to an average social network profile where everyone can start sharing selfies even with a few friends following them. Despite this, the Community tab still represents a valid alternative to other social networks for creators that are eligible for enabling it.

How to Post Statuses and Pictures to a YouTube Channel

Posting in the Community tab is a quick task:

  1. Open the YouTube app on your smartphone;
  2. look for the + button (the same one that allows uploading videos;
  3. select the Post option and start writing your status or uploading your picture.
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The YouTube community posting section on a PC.

The YouTube community posting section on a PC.

In case you prefer to manage your channel through a PC, these are the passages to follow to post something on your channel:

  1. Open YouTube on your browser and load your profile;
  2. Open the Community tab;
  3. At the top of the section, the text box for writing statuses will appear. On the same box, there are the buttons for uploading pictures, making polls, or sharing links to other videos posted on YouTube.

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