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YouTube Is Down: Now What Do You Do?

Joshua earned an MBA from USF and writes mostly about software and technology.

There are roughly 2.1 Billion monthly Active users of YouTube worldwide.

There are roughly 2.1 Billion monthly Active users of YouTube worldwide.

YouTube Down

Since YouTube started, I can’t remember the occurrence of the mega platform going down. It must be near the end of the world since at the time of this writing my favorite video platform is inaccessible. News outlets reported worldwide that YouTube was down. The key reason for the outage was not initially determined at this time, but lucky for us the videos are back up and running. What if YouTube didn't get back up in running? What would most YouTube addicts do with their new free time? Hopefully, this article can give you some ideas about how to stay busy if YouTube ever goes down soon.

Start Reading

That’s right, I said it. Step away from your computer screen. If YouTube takes a dump it would be your chance to take up reading or start reading a little more. Reading can be good for you and almost like a workout for the brain. Some scientific studies have shown that reading does make you smarter. Another benefit of reading is that it introduces you to new ideas and gives you training for problem-solving skills. By reading your analytical thinking is stimulated and this helps you detect patterns, solve problems, and assimilate new types of information.

Start Writing

You never know what type of stories you can write until you give writing a try. There are plenty of books out there that stimulate people to become happy when they need a laugh or to cry went they need to cry so they can release. Writers have affected people and led some through rough times. You could be that person. The person who makes someone laugh, cry, be proud, or even mad. A writer that can get at someone’s emotions in some way to entertain or inspire has completed their job well. One of the most rewarding things a writer can do for society is to educate people through fact or fiction. This gives people ideas that can not only benefit themselves but the people around them as well.

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Study For Free At EDX

The best college is free college. That statement is coming from a student with nearly $70,000 of student loan debt. Edx is a good place to start school if you want to start studying, but don’t know if college is right for you. The biggest reason you should start with EDX is that you will be receiving training from top-notch universities from all over the globe. Colleges such as Harvard, Berkeley, MIT, Boston University, and Georgetown University are just a few of the prestigious EDX participants.

The goal of EDX is to provide quality education to anyone with a connection to the internet. You do have the option to pay for classes to receive certificates, but you are not going to be paying Harvard prices. I’m a big advocate for education, so I would say give school a try if there is a specific field that is grabbing your attention. Click here to learn more.

Start Exercising

One good reason to start exercising is to replace your social media stress with real eustress. After you get over the sore weeks of quitting unnecessary social media you are going to feel better. Studies confirm a direct relationship between exercise and an increase in endorphins. These are hormones that make you feel good. If they can be released naturally through exercise, people can be relieved of depression from the regular stresses of everyday life or even from a YouTube outage.

Give Coloring a Try

Lots of adults are taking time off their normal adulting schedule to color. Coloring is not just for the kids’ entertainment. Coloring is becoming a very popular trend around the world for everyone. The main reason for this is that it can be a great stress-relieving hobby. Who needs medication or therapies when all you need to do is pick up your favorite crayon and picture of your favorite Disney character and go to town? Reducing stress with coloring can also help you battle heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, and increases in diabetic symptoms.

In Conclusion

I'm sorry that the outage had to happen to you YouTubers. I hope that you try out a new hobby to keep you busy during the next blackout. I've seen some crazy, emotional, and almost suicidal attitudes in response to the whole YouTube blackout situation. Do be that person!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Joshua Crowder

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