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Yamaha QY100 Backup Battery Replacement DIY

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Snort the Billz, and DIY, I'm all about saving the coin so....

QY100 Battery Low Error

QY100 Battery Low

QY100 Battery Low

Change That Yamaha QY Internal Battery!!

These machines are getting old and the error is bound to pop up sooner or later. The good news is all it takes to get your midi machine back up an running again is a few simple tools and a standard 2032 battery you can pick up at the grocery store!

It was also mentioned to me that by hitting enter or exit you can still go to the main screen and bypass the battery error to use the unit. It will lack the ability to save anything that is composed or changed once it is turned off. So if someone has one for half the price due to the battery error you can still check out the button responses and the functionality of the machine prior to purchase.


Tools for the Job.

First off if you already follow my repairs you should have yourself a sweet set of harbor freight screwdrivers you got for free with your "Free Set of Screwdrivers With Any Purchase" coupon. If not lets start with the basics.

You will need a size #1 and a size #2 phillips head screwdriver, and a 2032 coin battery. I would personally recommend using a name brand battery like Energizer or Duracell, but use whatever floats your boat, just don't come crying back here when your dollar store battery leaks all over the pcb.

Pro Tip 1. If you are not in a rush you can get 5 batteries online for the price of one at the store. These are the same batteries in your key fobs so they will come in handy.

Pro Tip 2. Wear your safety glasses, not sure why you would need them for changing a battery, but the last thing you want is to become a statistic due to a battery change. Heck I wear mine 24/7 and the ladies love it. You can't menu dive if you're blind.

Pro Tip 3. Word.

QY Battery Change

QY Battery Change

Now above you can see the 5 screw that need to be removed with your #1 phillips screwdriver. The Middle screw is green for a reason. Whereas the side screw go into plastic the middle screw has tight treading so keep that one separate.

Once all the screws are loose you can flip over the unit so they fall out of the holes.

Pro Tip 1. Buy real screwdrivers with magnetized heads instead of the free stuff from Harbor Freight.

Pro Tip 2. A carpet scrap nailed to your work bench makes for a nice place to work on delicate items.

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Pro Tip 3. Word.

Soft & Smooth Open the Clam

Once the screws are out rotate the qy 180 degrees so the holes are facing in your direction.

Gently giggle the sides and work your fingers softly towards the backside (towards the holes). At which point the QY should willingly open up for you. Open it up like a clam so you do not rip off the battery wires. At which point the unit should look like the image below.

With your #2 phillips head screwdriver remove the two screws circled in yellow. The battery clip circled in red can be unplugged by gently pulling it out. It can be left alone if you have no reason to separate the two shells. I personally like to remove and clean everything if it is a used unit.

Pro Tip 1. Don't touch the top side of the copper unless you are wearing gloves as your fingerprint oil will stain it in seconds.

Pro Tip 2. Word.


There's The Battery!!

This is where we wrap this little escapade up

Gently push down and back on the battery towards the holder and it should freely pop out on the front side. Slip your new battery in the same way the old battery came out.

Fold over and button back up the copper sheet (again don't touch it with your oily little fingers). Make sure the battery cable is back in if unplugged. Now softly close up the clam.

Screw the case back together minding the middle ground screw. This is plastic so finger tight on the screwdriver is good.


Pro Tip 1. Tell all the folks at the bar how you fix your own sh....

Pro Tip 2. Always wear safety glasses when opening up a clam.

Pro Tip 3. Word.

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