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Xerox Workcentre 123/128 Reset Drum Life Free

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Getting Started

In order to complete the task of resetting the Drum Life without paying the ridiculous fee Xerox will charge you for a new Drum, (often as much as $300) we will need to access the diagnostics mode that is built into every Xerox product.

  • Turn on your Xerox 123/128 series product
  • Press the silver "All Services" Button located to the right of the touch screen
  • Press the blue "Machine Status" Button located to the right of the touch screen
  • Now hold down the number "0" on the physical keypad for 7 seconds
  • Without letting go of the "0" key, press the green "Hard Start" button
  • The touch screen display will now ask for a "Passcode"
  • Enter the numbers "6789" using the physical key pad
  • Touch the "Confirm" button located in the top right corner of the touch screen

We have now successfully entered the diagnostics mode. The touch screen display will now show all options in reversed colors from standard operation (e.g. what is normally displayed black will appear white and vice versa).

Our next task will be to change the "End of Life Warning" and "End of Life Stop" points for the Drum Cartridge. To do this we will need to change two NVM values in the machine.

  • Press the white button located to the right of the touch screen labeled "Log in/out"
  • You will be given a screen with several options
  • Select "System Settings"
  • If on the next screen, you see "System Settings" again, select it again
  • Next select "Common Settings"
  • Next select "Maintenance/Diagnostics"
  • Next select "NVM Read/Write"

At this point, we are ready to change the values to reset the Drum Cartridge Life. There will be 2 blanks displayed on the screen.

  • Using the physical key pad again, enter "751" followed by "010"
  • Press the "Change" or "Read" button
  • You will be asked for a new value
  • Enter "254"
  • Push "save"
  • Now type on the physical key pad "751" followed by "011"
  • Press the "Change" or "Read" button
  • You will be asked for a new value again
  • Enter "254"
  • Push "save" followed by pressing the close button at the top right of the screen repeatedly until the Copy Machine reboots it's self.

Now when your machine reboots, you will no longer receive a message saying to "Order a new drum." If your machine had completely stopped working and said to "Replace Drum Now" it will also be working properly.

Best Place to Buy a Replacement 123/128 Drum Cartridge

  • Xerox 123/128 Drum from $195.00
    COPY DRUM CARTRIDGE - 13R589 - Xerox C118 C123 Styles (C123CTG) by Supplies - For Xerox models (CopyCentre) C118, C123, C128, C133, (WorkCentre) M118, M118i, M123, M128, M133, Pro123, Pro128, Pro133 Drum Cartridge / Copy...

Will I ever have to buy a drum again?

The answer to this frequently asked question is YES. although the information above will save you money and extend the life of the drum cartridge considerably, you will still have to replace the drum cartridge when it can no longer produce a quality image. please view my link to the right which will guide you to the most reliable and affordable place to purchase a drum when you eventually need one.

Check out XEROXOGROPHY for all things Xerox

    XEROXOGROPHY is the place for everything Xerox that was left out of the manual. Don't want to pay for tech support? Check out our experts do-it-yourself section

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