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The xFyro ANC Pro Will Improve What You're Listening To


Wireless Earbuds Are Better

The evolution of wireless earbuds has been a long one. First there was the desire to “cut the cord” and find a wireless technology that would provide a stable and consistent signal. Bluetooth took care of that and earbuds became plentiful, with increases and enhancements coming along for the ride. But then another development occurred; this involved finding a way to eliminate the cable that connected between the two earbuds. This had its own problems, because now each earbud needed to have its own battery and associated technologies. And so the race was on to increase and enhance these true wireless earbuds in ways that surpassed cable models not just in how they were worn but also in how they sounded. This has come to fruition with the xFyro ANC Pro.


What These Earbuds Look Like

Now the first thing to notice (besides their being black, as is the charging case) is that these earbuds fit into the ear with a firm grip that bespeaks of controlling surface noise (aided by three sizing tips). But they also don’t “disappear” in the ear as some others do, because the ‘bud as two sections to it. There’s that which goes into the ear and a stubby-like protrusion that aims down and at an angle towards the jawline. So while some lookers might at first glance think the NAME similar to some other brand, both the color and angled protrusion negates that thought right away. As to the physical size, there are two things that can be inferred from this: the first being that larger size allows for a bigger battery — meaning longer playing times — and the second that more technologies can be “stuffed” inside. Both of these are true.


Battery Power

Taking on the battery makes sense since no power means nothing works. In this case the battery power is really up there and not just the 3 or 5 hours that might be expected but up to 10 hours (in real world terms this will of course vary but greater than 8 hours is a given). The charging case (working as expected when the earbuds are placed inside) contains 100 hours of charging capabilities, or to say it can recharge the earbuds 10 times total. Sticking the case in a pocket or knapsack, etc. is easy enough so that having recharging power is always accessible.


Audio Modes

The xFyro ANC Pro can enable various audio modes that are useful when wearing them. Besides those conventional not worth making anything out of, there’s ANC and the AI Transparency Mode. ANC (active noise cancellation) moderates out surface noises so that one can better appreciate what is being listened to by generating a counter noise to that impinging on the listener. This utilizes the dual beam forming microphones (one in each earbud) which are also used for making/taking calls. As to the other, Transparency mode let’s you hear the world around you while continuing to listen to music or take phone calls without their being overwhelmed. It is designed to register/recognize over 6000+ sounds that commonly occur to an individual when outside/inside, such as street noises, car traffic, people’s voices being loud, aircraft flying overheard, etc. This is a much more effective method for moderating these sounds than the conventional way of “just letting them in” through the noise-cancelling tech. Both of these techs work effectively and efficiently and which to use at any given time is up to the wearer.


It’s The Sound That Counts

Having mentioned Bluetooth earlier, it makes sense that Bluetooth 5.0 is being used here, with its ability to quickly auto-pair (once initial pairing has been done) and function throughout a 30 foot range without incident. B5 also has near zero lag issues as well. This is helpful when activating the touch tap controls for performing the now-conventional actions like starting/stopping music, calling up a digital assistant, taking a phone call, etc.

But with all this, it’s the “speakers” inside the earbuds that make or break having them. xFro employs 7mm sized graphene drivers and the quality of their audio reproduction is right up there — mid and high-range frequencies sound as they should (and that’s a given), but also the depth of the bass is better than expected from what are after all small drivers which are a necessity when earbuds are in use (but again noting that these earbuds aren't tiny allows for the 7mm to be used).

The xFyro ANC Pro is built durable against shocks, has IPX5 waterproofing and is sealed against dust, etc. It comes in basic black and that’s it— retailing for $125.00. For further details go to

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