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Spelling, Writing, Sight and Typing - None Are The Same

I understand it when people tell me to check my spellig on my articles. There is a big difference with Typing and Spelling a seeing and Wri



Just because you can't type never means you don't know how to spell. You learn how to spell in early grammar or elementary schools and most of the is by rote (mechanical or habitual repetition of something to be learned."a poem learned by rote in childhood") and you remember most of it.

A study finds that those who are going through Dementia has shown or said these things:

"We assessed spelling and reading abilities in 14 patients (only, that is a small number if you ask me) with semantic dementia (with varying degrees of semantic impairment) and 24 matched controls, using spelling-to-dictation and single-word reading tests which manipulated regularity of the correspondences between spelling and sound, and word frequency. All of the patients exhibited spelling and reading deficits, except at the very earliest stages of disease. "


Other non-Dementia ways to lose abitility to spell

They include:

  • anxiety.
  • depression.
  • early-stage Alzheimer's disease or vascular dementia.
  • functional cognitive disorder (FCD)
  • mild brain injury (concussion)
  • vitamin and thyroid deficiencies.
  • Diabetes
  • Cataracts



Writing is not like reading or typing or even spelling. Anyone could write but many tell them they can't but that is false.

To Write or draw is to use paper and a writing instrument such as a pen or pencil or crayon to form characters, words or lines on a piece of paper. It usually has to legible or readable to others or to self. Some problems occure if there are traumas in your life as well such as this statement or question:

Does trauma affect handwriting?Because it is both neurological and psychological, handwriting is a window into the complex interplay of brain and mind. If the brain is injured by accident or disease, handwriting will be affected in specific ways that scientists are only beginning to delineate.

Andromeda Strain

Seeing or Sight

There was a movie that came on in 1971 about Extra Terrestrials and they killed many and was growing exponential. There was a scinetist and she had a problem with her vision and they found out later. She couldn't see anything in RED. There were many things that would have stopped if she even knew that she had that problem or even if they knew

Her scientific data was messed up and she and the others had no idea she had that problem. I, to am finding that my vision is going a little bit off as well.

Theses are just a few of the things that can happen when you are

1. born with it or

2. you get it through an accident or

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3. you get it with some kind of aftereffect with and operation.

How diabetes can affect the eyes

The retina is the light-sensitive layer of cells at the back of the eye. It converts light into electrical signals. The signals are sent to the brain. The brain turns them into the images you see.

The retina needs a constant supply of blood. It receives this supply through a network of tiny blood vessels. Over time, a persistently high blood sugar level can damage these blood vessels in three main stages:

  • tiny bulges develop in the blood vessels, which may bleed slightly but don’t usually affect your vision
  • more severe and widespread changes affect the blood vessels, including more significant bleeding into the eye
  • scar tissue and new blood vessels, which are weak and bleed easily, develop on the retina – it can result in some loss of vision

If a problem with your eyes is picked up early, lifestyle changes and/or treatment can stop it getting worse.

When you fiind out it takes some time getting used to it. It does help when people are kind and let you know when you have errors and may a bit more when they tell you where they saw the error.

Some problems I have developed since 2016 are when I see a word or letters in Red, most times it is the whole of my typing. They yellow is hard to see straight on in the spell checker.


When a person types and has errors they can't always see does not mean they can't spell. It means that they can't see the letters on the kybord. They may be able to see many but not all of them and not all at the same time.

So should the writer or type stop their love of writing? Some things are not easy to control as time shows them. Four years ago I had to stop typing because I was dizzy lots and could not control my sight. I am getting back into writing but am finding I have these problems but can spell very well, just not type and writing is horrible.

I once knew someone else a long time ago that also plated in a band and he fell on the cement in from of hi =s house and had some things wrong with his brain too. His name was ConstantWalker on here and hope he got better over the time that I have been missing.


Typing And Muscle Memory

I have looked up this information for you and I got a lot of games your child could play and that wasn't the answer I wanted you to understand.

This is the one I want you to understand from various people who have this.

Despite its name, muscle memory isn’t stored in your muscles, it’s stored in a part of your brain called the cerebellum. Although the cerebellum only makes up 10% of your brain volume, it contains over 50% of the brain’s neurons.

When you learn a new movement, your brain creates a memory of the pieces that make up that movement and stores

Committing typing to muscle memory frees you from devoting mental energy to thinking about each letter as you type it. You’ll be able to focus on the content of what you’re typing rather than thinking about (or looking for) the next key to press. When your fingers just know where to go, it’s very relaxing.

There are steps you can take to improve your learning and typing using you muscle memory. ..below


I am also finding out that they keys on the keyboard, my finger don't land on the right ones. Strange, huh?

Stupid Cupid

Stupid Cupid And Love

When you listen to the video it is about love and how the person is tired of Cupid playing with her heart.

Now think of it as Cupid playing with your head and what you love as in typing.

I seriously hope that others can and will learn this and what I put in this article for. Education is the key to when you had the right tools and somehow lost them along the way.


Everyone is not perfect no matter what you think about those who you says can't spell. It may not be their spelling but a host of other things they are dealing with. Hubpages confuses me as they say they don't want any self-promotions and yet when you don't add anything personal to a story they are not happy with that either. I did add some to this one though as it helps explain what I deal with every day now. It isn't easy at all to type a story and have mistakes in it. Good Golly Miss Molly it was not this was before 205. Everything went bonkers when they told me that I have Diabetes and have had it all my life. I don't have it now and haven't had it for my entire life. I do not know how long this will last as well. I am posting this so that others who are going through the same things think that they are not the only ones. I have several sets of glasses the I wear. One set for the computer and one set for cooking, which is also hard for me to do as well, and another set for ready papers and other written stuff. I pray this is short-lived and will be back on the mend since I did get my A1C down to a 6 and it was not from any prescriptions. I typed that up and it is now featured. Yahoo! Hard as that was to get it right! That one is about Diabetes and how it is a business. Good things to know and I am still there.

Something very good was told to me and it was a program called Grammarly. GET THAT!

Carry on now and hope your situations are much better thn mine!

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