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How to Manifest an Ever-Growing Audience for Your Blog?

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How to grow your audience and drive more traffic to your work?

1. Complete your bio profile - it is not an obligation of course, but why not fill the blank spaces? Find a good profile photo that you like. It is best if it is you in it, but it is not mandatory. A dark profile photo it is not recommended, better choose a color or a bright one. Bright and vibrant colors are more attractive to the eye, so you will attract more readers. Write a bio. Do not hesitate to fill it with your life history, or things you love, your hobbies, or you can simply write what your articles are going to be about. It will always show right under your profile photo, and they will attract more readers as they will be the first thing readers see. Do not forget to add your social media profiles too. Click Save at the end.

2. Write quality articles - you can use Copyscape or Plagiarism Checker to find out if the same sentences, or text is always written anywhere else on the web.

3. Drive Google Traffic to your articles - this is the most difficult part of it all. Anyway, if you follow the rules and techniques mentioned above, you are half the way. The other thing that you can do is share your articles on google. It does not count as social media traffic. Another thing is to check Google Adwords Keyword tools to find the perfect group of keywords that get the most traffic on an average monthly search and use them in your article title.


4. Promote your posts in social media - for this aim you can get advantage of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, etc. The ones that offer you the possibility to share your links to photos, or within the photos are the best. Photos attract readers the most. I think the idea is that sometimes you just do not have the nerve to go through articles, or you are not looking for any kind of article at all. You just want to look at photos to pass the time. But, a photo may attract you and the caption on it may interest you, so you click the photo which is directed to an article.

5. Read other bloggers articles - It gives you a great insight on what's going on in the blogging world, as well as it teaches you the best way to write your articles, which topics are interesting and get the most views and comment, and which topics are not that interesting for the Google audience.

6. Comment on other bloggers blogs - Why not leave a comment? Do not try to put them down, or to discourage them, or to comment negative things. It will only put you down and you will get undesirable in this community. No one wants to read negative comments when he has worked on his article. If you do not have a nice comment to leave, just check the options of thumbs up or down, or useful/interesting/funny/ etc.


New Ideas for your Site.

When you run out of ideas does not mean that blogging does not work for you, or that you should give it up. You can always find new, better ideas.

When starting blogging, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is giving up. This kind of stuff [writing articles, sharing your world with others, or information you think people may want to know about, etc.] needs a lot of writing work, thinking, originality, and most of all: time.

You click on other web pages and blog posts wondering where do they find all those terrific ideas they write about. How do they fill their blog with new articles every single day, sometimes multiply articles. You come to the conclusion that blogging is not for you. Well, you are wrong. If you give it time, and you do not give up, blogging is for you too.

Everybody runs out of ideas on a point or another. This usually happens because you focus more on what you think that your readers want to read about, or how to attract a new audience; that much, that you forget blogging is about you, and later about your audience.

If you do not have fun writing your articles, your readers won't have fun reading them. You write for yourself, your readers are just a small part of that. You create your own world. So do not think that much, just write whatever you think it makes a great idea. Things will flow themselves from the moment you decide to write for yourself.

Anyway, there are moments when even if you are writing what you want to, not what you think you should write about, you hit the so-called 'writer’s block'. Do not get panicked, just scroll on to find some new ideas you can write about.

1. Articles about blogging issues.

Taking the lead from this article, you can write about blogging stuff too. There are so many things about blogging that new bloggers want to find out about, and if you know enough about a subject, write. Do not hesitate to show others how to learn doing their own marketing, how to use html language [which I have yet to learn about because I have not yet mastered it.], how to create an attractive design, how to write a good article, how to keep your blog's budget and finances on point, etc.

2. Articles on Beauty and Fashion.

Fashion and Beauty are two genres of blogging that readers can't simply get enough off of them. I hear you say that that is more and more bloggers every single day that come up with a new blog on how to do your makeup, what beauty products one should use, or how to dress themselves for the new season. So what difference would you do in this ocean? Well, if you think like that, then what difference are you doing in the ocean of bloggers? There are millions of blogs out there nowadays, so why should you work on yours? Who would even notice?

As I mentioned before, blogging is for you and compiling a list of ideas to blog about, it is only to inspire you to write on things that you may want to but never put a thought on. So if Beauty or Fashion is your niche, do not give up on it. Nobody knows who may notice your blog. Keep writing about stuff you love, and keep posting great pictures to make your blog more friendly.

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3. Articles on books, which may contain: books reviews, books recommendations, etc.

In the era of movies taking on the world, and smartphones offering way more different ways of killing time, books have become a niche of the Elite. Be that Elite. Show the world how much it is missing by throwing books out of the window and focusing on their instagram fields. Show them how much the culture and education that come from books is needed. How the books will create a world that is only for you to cherish.

You can always write book reviews, comparisons between writers, or the level of adoption of the book into a movie, etc. If you are into it, this niche is one of those that never runs out of things to write about. "Why P.Coelho is an over-rated writer?" is an article from this kind of blog, an article that makes a difference because it shows your readers that you do not just read books for the sake of great quotes to post on instagram, or Facebook, but you read because you value things differently.


4. Articles on Technology.

If you are that kind of blogger that does not like books, but appreciates very much fine smartphones, luxury cars, or the New Apple Watch, then this niche is for you.

What can you write about here? Maybe you have not tried all the new things out there, like the Apple Watch I mentioned before, you own a Samsung S5 when S6 just came out, or you own a Ford Focus, and never tried a luxury car, do not give up. Maybe because of your passion, you know much more about this stuff, than the people that own them. Show your knowledge, teach others. You can teach some like "The Tools You Need For Your Online Business" which is a marvellous thing to do, because you can help people improve their audience's knowledge, build connections and trust, and also help themselves financially through online means.

5. Articles on Health and Fitness.

Victoria's Secret model's body, are every woman's dream. Or Ford's male model's body, are every man's dream. Teach your passionate readers what they should know about the foods they consume, what good carbs and bad carbs are, what exercises should they do, and what diets should they ditch.

The Health Industry is making millions by selling products and protein shakes that promise to your readers [that do not know much about these industries, marketing] to lose an amount of weight in just two weeks. This is the way to ruin their bodies, and you can show the way to cherish their bodies and eat well. Why not write about something that will benefit everybody?


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Ashoo on July 25, 2017:

This post gives me courage to begin a blog , thank you Engelis

Louise Barraco from Ontario on October 26, 2016:

Great Post so helpful when it comes to writing, for your blog . I am starting another blog and this post helps me out a lot today I am actually coming up with more ideas for the new post and this helps thanks.

Ensorcelie (author) from Albania on December 01, 2015:

You are so right! :) Thank you for reading and commenting.

Kelsey Elise Farrell from Orange County, CA on November 30, 2015:

Great post! I'd also include to have a platform that you maintain--blogs that focus on one subject do much better than blogs that write about miscellaneous information all of the time.

Greensleeves Hubs from Essex, UK on August 01, 2014:

One of the most difficult things of all when writing an essay or article is to vary the choice of words used. Even if one's vocabulary is good, one can get into a mind set where the same words keep on coming to the fore, and it becomes difficult to think of an alternative.

Hopefully writers will make a mental note when reading this hub to maintain interest in their own work by always varying their words and phrases as much as possible when writing.

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