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How to Write Facebook Status In Urdu & Arabic

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Now you can write Facebook statuses, chat or just about anything in Facebook in Urdu or Arabic conveniently using the following methods.

  1. Copy Paste from an online keyboard.

    This is an easy and quick method but requires you to open an online keyboard each time you would want to write Urdu.

  2. Install Your own Urdu/Arabic keyboard with fonts.

    This is my preferred method, you can write Urdu directly from your keyboard anywhere (not limited to facebook only).

Write Facebook status in Urdu and Arabic.

Write Facebook status in Urdu and Arabic.

1. Copy Paste from an Online Keyboard

Just a quick search on online Urdu or Arabic keyboards will yield 5-7 different sites which enable you to type Urdu from your keyboard into the sites clipboard and then you can easily copy paste it at your desired location.

Write Urdu in Facebook chat

Write Urdu in Facebook chat

2. Installing Your Own Keyboards and Fonts

To Write in Urdu or Arabic you must:

  1. Install support for displaying the target language and its fonts.
  2. Install a phonetic keyboard to type the target language.
  3. Configure it using the language toolbar.

Installing Language Support

To write and view Urdu/Arabic you must first install Windows 7 Language Pack.

  • Instruction for installing the Language Pack can be found here.
  • Windows 7 comes with some Arabic fonts installed by default.
  • Facebook and other sites will usually support Unicode font only which is the default font for these sites for both Arabic and Urdu.

A phonetic keyboard is one in which the Urdu and Arabic letters will follow the sound of their respective English alphabets when a key is pressed.


  • A phonetic keyboard for Urdu can be downloaded from
  • An Arabic phonetic keyboard can be downloaded from here.
  • Download and Install them.
  • Open control panel, select Category view, click on change display language and then on change keyboards.(Windows 7)
Change keyboard.

Change keyboard.

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  • Click on Add, a list of keyboards would appear:
    • Select Urdu(Islamic Republic of Pakistan) -> keyboards -> Urdu phonetic and add it.
    • For Arabic go to Arabic(Saudia Arabia) -> keyboards -> Arabic ASDF Eastern and add it.
  • You should now see the window as follows. Close it.
  • A number of options to configure your keyboards are available here.


Finally after installing the keyboards and fonts you need to configure them so that they can be used smoothly, this is done through the language toolbar.

The Language Toolbar

The Language Toolbar

  • Usually the language toolbar is available on the bottom right corner of screen, clicking it will reveal the different language keyboards available. A tick will be their next to the system default keyboard.
  • When Typing use Alt+Shift to switch different keyboards. After the switch a different language label will show in place of EN (UR for Urdu and AR for Arabic) to help you remember which language keyboard you have selected.

Write your Facbook name in Urdu or Arabic:

To write your name in Urdu or Arabic in Facebook open account setting and type in.

To write your name in Urdu or Arabic in Facebook open account setting and type in.


Aroosa Hermosa from Islamabad, Pakistan on May 31, 2016:

Thanks,It's gonna help me :)

Yousuf Mahtab on May 03, 2016:

Its amazing.....I don't know it before this article.

Ali you are doing a good job. Your all articles are very useful.

Hummingbird5356 on August 22, 2015:

You can also write Urdu in Google Mail.

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