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Worst DevOps Jokes Ever - The Main Struggles of the DevOps People!

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Development & Operations may not sound like a whimsical grouping. But believe it or not, there’s a good chance of falling for the dark humor of the allegedly funny DevOps jokes.

So, here, I’ll investigate some of the hottest Dev & Ops shaggy-dog stories to see why they are both hilarious and gloomy at the same time.

Fixing the Problem, I Created When Fixing the Problem I Created!

This one should top the list of the worst quotes for every developer. No matter what your job role is, you’ll try to fix a problem that you created when trying to fix a problem.

Comic Artist: Maryam Rahati | © IVJRM

Comic Artist: Maryam Rahati | © IVJRM

Some even suggest that the developer version of Napoleon would change his quote to “problems, problems, problems.” That’s because the bound between coders and glitches seems to be unbendable.

So, may the force be with you when facing problems caused by the solutions you came up with for the previous issues!

I Can Write the Test Case Before I Can Execute It

This one briefs the urban legends around DevOps. There are people out there who believe you should deliver the test case in, like, less than 24 hours.

They assume that carrying the DevOps engineer title means you can deliver your work faster than you can execute it. And it’s not a joke to them, not at all.

I’ve seen people getting fired for asking to have a reasonable deadline. I’ve seen engineers becoming unemployed because of the ‘why would I give you time if you’re a DevOps engineer’ thing.

So, this one, too, holds a dark sense of humor within.

I Can Explain It to You, but I Can’t Understand It for You

What will top the table of the FAQs about Development & Operations experts? Of course, the ancient question of “what is a DevOps engineer?”

Personally, I have tried to explain the DevOps approach to more than a dozen people. Yet, my success rate is less than 50%.

Honestly, you can clarify it to others, but you cannot understand it for them.

Comic Artist: Maryam Rahati | © IVJRM

Comic Artist: Maryam Rahati | © IVJRM

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The ambiguity of DevOps' explanation has led to the creation of hundreds of thousands of memes. So, next time someone asks you to elaborate on what you do, start like this, “I promise to explain everything, but I don’t assure you’ll understand a single word.”

Automation Is Just Leveling Risks

I came across this funny DevOps conversation, scrolling down some memes. So, I’ll let the illustration take the mic to point out the struggle.

Comic Artist: Maryam Rahati | © IVJRM

Comic Artist: Maryam Rahati | © IVJRM

The dark side of this DevOps joke is that, well, it’s true. You need to invest in automated tests. But that won’t necessarily guarantee the manual testing hours reduction or bug identification speed up.

However, it would guarantee less software development failure chance and more bug-free approaches. (So don't be hard on your engineers!).

Hi, I’m Octopus—But You Can Call Me a DevOps Engineer as Well

Okay, this one might be the cringiest DevOps joke on the list. But being cringy has nothing to do with its actuality. Development & Operations people are genuinely the octopus-like members of any SDLC team.

They are believed to have multiple hands to handle multi-multiple tasks at once.

Comic Artist: Maryam Rahati | © IVJRM

Comic Artist: Maryam Rahati | © IVJRM

It might sound funny at first, but wait for an overwhelming issue to pop up because of overestimating the DevOps engineers’ multi-functionality. That’s when you realize some comics can hurt so bad…

One of the main struggles of DevOps specialists these days is that they’re constantly overtasked. The fact that they’re multi-tasking units of an SDLC team has misunderstood to some extent. And now, some of them are snowed under numerous errands just to prove that they’re a professional engineer. [sigh].

“I wrote 500 lines of codes and came up having 600 lines of errors.”

While There’s Code, There’s Bug

It’s always disappointing to face bugs, errors, and glitches right before dreaming about drinking the victory coffee. But let’s face the music; as long as you’re dealing with codes, you’re touching the bugs as well.

There was this friend of mine who once said, “I wrote 500 lines of codes and came up having 600 lines of errors.”

It’s sad. The dark humor within all these funny DevOps jokes lurks in their authenticity. Every DevOps engineer would feel the pain while laughing at these humorous ideas—and that’s just unsettlingly melancholic…

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