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Working with the View Menu of Microsoft Office Excel 2003

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The View Menu of Microsoft Office Excel 2003

The View Menu

The View Menu

The View Menu of Microsoft Office Excel 2003

You will find the following tools while working with the view menu of Microsoft Office Excel 2003:

  • Normal – this is the normal page view of excel 2003.
  • Page break preview – use this tool to add, delete or move page breaks. It is very useful when it comes to setting up pages for printing in Excel.
  • Task Pane – The task pane is a window within an Office application that provides commonly used commands. Its location and small size allow you to use these commands while still working with your file.

Toolbars of Excel 2003

  • Toolbars – this command is used for displaying or turning on and off the toolbars. For instance, you should always make sure the formatting and standard toolbars are ticked so that they appear on your Excel window, the reason being they are the most commonly used. Otherwise, you can place any other toolbar you require more often.
  • Formula bar – this tool is for hiding or displaying the formula bar, due to constant usage while performing calculations, it should be activated to appear among the other toolbars.
  • Status bar – status bar appears at the very bottom of the Excel window. To display or hide the status bar select or clear the Status bar checkbox.
  • Header and Footer – use this tool to apply a header and footer on your worksheet or even your chart. On the page setup dialogue box that appears, using the header and footer tab, you can select the header/footer among the presets. Or click on the custom header and footer to set the one that you want. Decide where you want it to appear right, centre or on the left section.

While in the custom header and footer option, you can use the tools above where you are selecting the position to set things like; formatting text, inserting page numbers, date, time, file path, file name, or tab name.

You can also insert a picture, and the last button is for formatting the picture. Remember to 'print preview' to see how your header and footer will appear.

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The header and footer option

The header and footer option

Excel 2003 Zoom Option

The Zoom Option of Microsoft Office Excel 2003

The Zoom Option of Microsoft Office Excel 2003

Zoom Option of Excel 2003

  • Comments – this tool is used to view comments inserted in your worksheet.
  • Customs views – this command is used for displaying the custom views you have created.
  • Full screen – this command displays your worksheet in full screen, hiding some items like some toolbars, worksheet tabs, and the status bar.
  • Zoom – this is a magnification tool. Just select the zoom range you want or type the percentage on the custom box then click okay. Your page contents are enlarged improving content visibility.

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