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Step by Step Guide on Using Mail Merge Wizard in Word 2007

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Using the Mail Merge Tool

The Mailings Ribbon Tab of Microsoft Office 2007 deals with mail merge.

Mail merge is used when you want to create a set of documents for example form letter that is sent to many recipients.

It can also be used when creating address labels. Your letter will usually contain a portion that is similar to all letters and another part like the name and address information that will be different for all letters.

This unique information will come from entries in a data source.

The Mail Merge Ribbon Tab

The Mail Merge Ribbon Tab

The Mail Merge Ribbon Tab

Importance of Mail Merge

Mail merge is useful when a message needs to be sent to many people at once.

It is a tool that will make your work easier eliminating the need for copying and pasting of some document parts.

This program is commonly found in word processors.

Advantages of Using the Mail Merge Feature:-

  1. It will help you save a lot of time as you will be required to prepare only the main mail merge document which will be used for all the recipients.
  2. There is no need to incur a huge cost with letterhead.
  3. There is no need to sign each letter.
  4. You can be able to produce a more friendly letter.
  5. You will be able to make one letter and then produce as many as you want.

Mail Merging Steps

You will follow these steps to create a mail merge:-

  1. Setting up the main document.
  2. Creating a Data Source.
  3. Adding the merge fields into the main document.
  4. Merging the data with the main document.
  5. Previewing your finalized letter and making any necessary changes.

Create Group Option

These Are the Commands Found in the Create Group Command

Envelopes – the envelopes command allows you to create and print envelopes. You will be able to set the recipient's address and the return address.

Labels – use this command to create and print labels.

Start Mail Merge Group

Use this command to start a form letter that you intend to print or e-mail multiple times sending each copy to a different recipient.

You will be able to insert fields such as name or address. MS Word will replace automatically with information from a database or contact list for each copy of the form letter you are creating.

Customizing Addresses

Customizing Addresses

Customizing Addresses

How to Create a Mail Merge Using Microsoft Office Word 2007

The best way to start the mail merge process is to use the wizard guide. Click on the start mail merge and select step by step mail merge wizard. The wizard guide is much easier to follow.

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  • The first stage is to select the document type you are creating; this could be letters, E-mail messages, envelopes, labels or a directory.
  • In stage two, you select the starting document. If for instance, you indicated you want to create a letter, you will specify how you will set up your letters. The options available to use are; current document, start from a template, or start from an existing document.
  • The third stage is to select recipients. For selecting recipients, you will use an existing list; select from outlook contacts, or type a new list. If you do not have an existing list, click on type new list and click on create. A new address list dialogue appears where you will click on customize columns to set your own columns by either adding or deleting the existing ones. Enter the address list and save it upon completing.

Address List

Entering the recipients

Entering the recipients

Write Your Letter

  • The fourth stage is to write your letter if you have not yet done so. Otherwise, if you already have the letter, you need to insert the recipient's information into your letter. Click a location on your letter where you want any of these items to appear and then click on the item to use: Address block, greeting line, electronic postage, and any other item you wish to use.
  • The next stage is to preview your letter. You can also change your recipient list or modify parts of your letter.
  • This is the last stage where the mail merge is ready to produce your letter. You can print your letter or edit individual letters. For print, your merged letters are sent to your default printer. You specify if you want to print all, current record, or from which letter to which. Editing the individual letters, your letters are merged to a new document and you can proceed to change them individually or print.

Inserting Addresses to The Main Letter

Inserting Addresses to The Main Letter

Inserting Addresses to The Main Letter

Conclusion on Merging Documents

The write and insert fields group, preview results group, and finish group has thus been covered in the above procedure.

If you feel comfortable using them instead of the wizard, you should go ahead and use them.

Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard in Word 2007 or Word 2010

Mail Merge Tool

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