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Working With the Data Menu of Microsoft Office Excel 2003

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MS Excel 2003 Data Menu

There are some tools that you will find important from the data menu of Microsoft Office Excel 2003.

These tools will help you to modify and manipulate your data and be able to achieve your desired goals. Note that we are talking about MS Excel 2003 here.

We have higher versions of this program at the moment. However, if you have mastered the older versions, you can be able to comfortably handle the newer ones.

They work almost the same except for new features that are added.

Data Sorting Option in Excel 2003

Data Sorting Tool

Data Sorting Tool

Commands of Excel 2003 Data Menu

  • Sort – the sort command is very important as it allows you to sort (rearrange) your data either in ascending or descending order making it an important command especially when you want to analyze your data.
  • Filter – this command is used to narrowing down the data in your worksheet and hide parts of it from view. You can also use this command to extract data or a range of data you want from your worksheet. There are two types of filters, the normal filter, and the advanced filter.
  • Form – this command turns the selected data into a form that you can use for printing or that can be used online.

Subtotals and Validation in Excel 2003

  • Subtotals – you can use this command to calculate the subtotals of subtitles you may be having and the total of your data.
  • Validation – this command is used for setting restrictions on the data type that can be entered in a worksheet, for instance, you can set validation criteria where the data entered will be between 20 and 100. This will imply that only numbers between 20 and 100 can be entered in the restricted cells.

Data Validation in MS Excel 2003

Data validation

Data validation

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More Commands of MS Excel Data Menu

  • Text to columns – this command is used to convert text to a column in an Excel sheet. The text will be split into individual columns.
  • Consolidate - this command is useful in combining values from several ranges of data into a unified place.
  • Group and outline – you can use this command to modify your data by grouping data together and also outlining your data.

Use of Pivot Table, Pivot Chart in Excel 2003

  • Pivot table and pivot chart report – pivot tables and pivot reports are used to generate a report that summarizes and analyzes data. Note that a pivot chart is the visual representation of a pivot table in Excel. Pivot charts and pivot tables are connected.
  • Import-export data – use this command to import data from your data sources, use it to create a web query, and use it to create a new database query.

Subtotal Option of MS Excel 2003

Subtotal Option

Subtotal Option

Data Menu Commands in MS Excel 2003

  • List – use this command to create a list and publish it. A list provides features designed to make it easier for you to manage and analyze groups of related data in an Excel worksheet. The list created is 'auto filter' enabled making it easier for you to modify your data.
  • XML – use this command while working with XML (Extensible Markup Language) data. You can import and export the XML data using this option.

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