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Windows and Android U: The Ideal Future for Both Platforms

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Apple's Advantage


Better, yet Worse

We all know that together, Android and Windows devices form a stronger, better ecosystem than iPhones and Macs. They control more of the market, and have more customizable and versatile interfaces. But companies that use Android and Windows OS are very disunited. Whereas Apple is just one company, and they make it easy to transfer files and between iDevices and link them with each other, there are many different companies that run Android and Windows, so their products often aren't easily compatible with each other.

More power, but more divided

Think of them like two huge governments, one which is very centralized, and one which has many independent states that together are more powerful than the first one. However, because the states of the second government are constantly fighting amongst themselves, it's much less functional than the first one. The prime example of this is Samsung, who is so hell bent on competing with Apple, they made the Gear 360 and Gear S3 compatible with Galaxies and iPhones, but not other Androids.

The prime example of this is Samsung, who is so hell bent on competing with Apple, they made the Gear 360 and Gear S3 compatible with Galaxies and iPhones, but not other Androids.

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Sync, or Sink?

It becomes difficult when you own devices that are made by different companies, like a LG V30, Galaxy Tab S3, and Surface Laptop. Maybe if you had a computer made by Samsung, it would be easier to sync files with the Tab S3, but because you have the Surface Laptop, it becomes a long and complicated process.


Is it really worth it?

I know the idea behind all of this is that if you make your devices only easily compatible with each other, it’ll encourage consumers only to buy solely your products, but the fact is, most people are still going to buy different things from different companies. Someone may love the LG V30, but not be so crazy about the LG Watch 2, so they’ll buy the Samsung Gear S3. Furthermore, many smartphone companies don’t make computers, and vice versa, which makes things even more complicated.


Operating systems just for U

If for Windows 11 and Android 9.0, Google and Microsoft unify all Windows and Android devices by creating a much easier to manage network between them, it could solve the aforementioned problems. These updates would allow for easy file sharing and connection between all Android and Windows devices, and also make all accessories, such as smartwatches, easily compatible with all Android devices.


What's just right for U?

This would allow for a much better Android/Windows ecosystem, and with all the companies running Android and Windows unified by Microsoft and Google, a big marketing push for Android/Windows U could potentially win many people over. With all of the variety of Android and Windows devices, having them unified would create a very appealing environment.

Android and Windows U: With hundreds of Unified devices, which one is for U?

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