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Wind Compressor Windmill

Wind Compressor Windmill

Air Powered Woodworking Tools

Air Powered Woodworking Tools

Air Powered Ice Cream Freezer

Air Powered Ice Cream Freezer

Air Powered Kitchen Appliances

Air Powered Kitchen Appliances

Amish Air Powered Ceiling Fans

Amish Air Powered Ceiling Fans

Air Powered Livestock Tools

Air Powered Livestock Tools

Air Power Motor Kits are available to convert wringer washing machine motors, sewing machines, and even table saws.

Air Power Motor Kits are available to convert wringer washing machine motors, sewing machines, and even table saws.

The Amish have been using compressed air as an alternate energy for over 30 years. This technology is now available online.

The proven wind powered air compressor has been manufactured and used by the Amish.

It is available in Three different models ranging from 1-1/2 to 10 HP.

The Wind Compressor will generate compressed air in winds as low as 8 MPH!

This may be a great alternative energy project for factories, schools with shops teaching alternative energy as well as for home base use.

The Amish store compressed air in large air tanks, which many are converted used 1000 gal propane tanks.

Tanks are also be used in tandem for additional storage capacity.

Compressed air drives many of the stationary and hand power tools in the Amish woodworking shops.

Compressed air is also piped into Amish homes for use on air powered converted kitchen appliances, sewing machine motors and even the old time wringer washing machines.

Air power is also used to pump well water, make ice cream and for livestock care.

If you have visited some of the Amish stores you may have noticed the large overhead air powered ceiling fans.

The air compressor is mounted on top of a tower and from the distance will look like an electric wind generator.

The Wind Compressor is equipped with many safety switches and systems to keep it from building too much pressure or being damaged in high winds.

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The wind driven air compressor is also used to aerate ponds and fish hatcheries.

Air powered motors are far superior over DC powered motors, making them perfect for off-grid uses.

Air motors can provide more torque and last a very long time if maintained and lubricated.

Because of their durability and light weight air powered tools and equipment have been used in factories for many decades.

The size of wind compressor and storage tanks needs will depend on the cubic feet per minute (CFMs) the tools and appliances use, as well as duration.

Someone who will use a mixer or blender for a couple of minutes at a time will not need a large system.

In contrast a wood worker on an air sander blowing through 35 CFMs per minute might only have enough air in one 1000 gal tank to last an hour or so of continuous running before he would need to let it recharge or use a supplemental traditional air compressor.

During calm days, a supplemental compressor or multiple storage tanks hooked in tandem may also be required .

The height of the tower will require sustainable winds of at least 8 MPH for the compressor to develop air pressure.

In some locations the wind speeds are sustainable to attach the Wind Compressor up on the top of an existing windmill tower.

In other locations where the wind is flow is up at higher elevations a tower as tall as 90’ may be needed.

You can Google “Building and sizing wind turbine towers to determine wind speeds and tower requirements for your location.

Once you are past the initial investment for the Wind Compressor, tower, storage tanks, which may run between 6 and 15K.

The unit will produce energy free compressed air with just annual maintenance of the gear box oil change annually.

The tower and air tank cost have a great influence on the initial cost whether it be reclaimed material or purchased new.

Kitchen appliances, tools and equipment have been manufactured or converted over to air powered motors.

Instead of the motor having brushes and an armature inside to generate an electric magnetic force, the air motor has miniature turbine blades that spin when the air pressure is released into the motor.

As more air is release the motor speeds and slows as less air is used. Air motors can be rather loud, with a high pitched “zing sound”.

Some of the air motors used in ceiling fans are piston driven and make very little noise.

Air pressure is also used by the Amish to force water out of a deep well to pressurized water tanks in the home for regular domestic water use.

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