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Will 5g speed up my applications?

i am a long-time avid technologist. i began my tech career in the Apple world but moved to Enterprise Solutions later.


will 5g make my applications faster?

Will 5g help make applications faster?

The concept of performance is critical. I have worked as an IT consultant for most of the last three0 years. In that period, I have talked with and worked with IT teams looking at their application portfolio, trying to figure out how to solve the problems that plagued them.

There are many factors in the topic's performance. The type of and capabilities of the device you are using directly impacts the ability and speed of the application used. You can add more power to the cell phone, but how many people want to go back to phones that are luggable. The other thing that often causes issues is the reality of the data location. How fast can I get a response from the data?

These are two legs of the performance stool, the device, and the location of the data. Other things need consideration. Accessories, such as a cellular phone, also have limits based on their type of connection. The one990s saw the rise of client-server computing. That became cloud computing, but it is still a real client-server. A cellular device is more portable than a desktop or even a laptop, but it is also less powerful. Plus, you are free to roam about, but you are using a cellular network sometimes.

I am often asked by CIO's how they can improve performance. I always tell them the story of the motorcycle race. The goal of the motorcycle race is to finish the race in the first place. That means you have to be the fastest racer on the track to win. Except that wouldn't be a good story overall, would it?

Motorcycle racer one is the overall fastest racer in the crowd. But this racer cannot takes curves at any speed faster than ten miles per hour.

Motorcycle racer two is slower than the runner one. This racer can take curves but only a little bit faster than racer one.

Motorcycle racer three is the second fastest and the second most stable of the three racers. This racer can take curves the quickest but is slower overall in straight away sections of the track.

sometimes it is the track, sometimes it is the racer!

On a pure straightaway track racer, one will win every race. If there is one curve racer, one may still win the race, but it is more like racer two will win the race. If conditions are not favorable (lousy weather or terrible track conditions), racer three wins every race.

The reason I use this analogy is that it quickly breaks applications down into the three core performance components. It also allows you to ask some valuable questions.

What type o racer is the application?" being the very first one. You see, of the three types of athletes I've listed, there are three distinctly different solutions to how do I make the racer faster. The same is true of that application, but for now, let's fix the motorcycle racers!

The first racer is fast but cannot take curves. The easy solution is to sacrifice a little speed in the straightaway and make the motorcycle more stable so that racer one can take the curves a little faster.

Racer two would a slightly larger engine or the combination of a lighter motorcycle and a larger engine that would be fine.

Racer one would simply need a larger engine. The motorcycle is already stable, but they would need t to generate more speed to be a more effective racer.

I know this is the long path to answer the original question will 5g help make applications faster. The problem is that 5g will be faster. 5g will allow the mobile device to have equal or sometimes better network capacity than the wifi connected device. What it will not do is make the racetrack better. The racers will now all have much faster motorcycles. The reality of the applications they use will determine the overall speed.

So will 5g help make applications faster?

Yes and no.

Yes, if the racer (application) can take advantage of the new track (5g)

No, if it is just speed.

Let's end with the three racers again. Adding speed to the first racer will not make them faster overall as their problem is curves. Adding momentum to the second and third racer will make them faster overall, but they still wouldn't be as soon as racer one on straight away. They are better at curves. Now if racer 3, is faster and the course has a lot of curves, they will win every time!

So you have to figure out what type of track your application is. Then you know what racers you need on that track to get the best possible performance.

Yes, 5g will be faster.

But when we bring it back to your applications, we see the reality. First, the racer (form) and track (destination) are critical in the "performance process," Based on that, we may have to change the application or what destination used to see an actual speed gain.

Yes, 5g will be faster.

But your applications won't be if you don't make your track better!

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RoadMonkey on April 02, 2020:

Interesting analogy and makes it very clear.

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