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Why the Social Media Turns People Into Communists

Hey! My name is Claudiu Radu and for the past decade years or so, I've been working as an article writer and blogger, among other things.

Beg your pardon?

Yes, you haven’t misunderstood what I’ve said. Social media creates little communists. Now, they’re not dangerous at all as, in the worst case scenario, they can only annoy you enough to put down your phone and switch on the TV but it’s a fascinating phenomenon nevertheless.

Let’s not confuse internet communists with people that truly are of a communist political belief and post things online to support their ideas and we shouldn’t confuse them with internet trolls and racists that spread their vile on the internet either.

In lack of a better name I’ll call the internet ( social media ) communists, internists ( because the term socialists was already taken lol ).

Internists rose to power in recent years, after the political correctness movement started to gather momentum and, shortly after, lost its plot completely.

Political correctness ( PC – not to be confused with personal computer ) started well by giving voice to the oppressed ( bullied children, discriminated women and black people, homosexual and transgender people ) but started to move away, rather quickly, from its noble, initial purpose into just another form of discrimination.

To back up my statement I’ll take the example of women wearing/not wearing a hijab. They are aggressed in their native countries for not wearing a hijab while being aggressed in western society for wearing the same piece of clothing. Both cultures harass the poor Islamic women, none of them are politically correct or open-minded as none of the aforementioned cultures really care about the opinion of those women.

I’ll talk more about how political correctness lost its plot in future articles, but let’s return to our internists because they’re not the same as the PC crybabies mobs I’ve talked about previously and you’ve probably already met online.

The internists are very similar to the PC crybabies but for a very important detail: they are not a mob, they are a society ( hence the comparison with communism ).

Yes, you’ll meet PC crybabies mobs in different blogs, articles and discussions over the internet, TV, real life, everywhere basically. They’re a small group of people putting on smug faces and talking clichés they’ve seen on TV that makes them look open-minded and smart ( in their minds ).

Basically, they do it for social recognition and you can see them pop up everywhere but they’re small groups and don’t have an official hangout hence the name mob.

The internists are different though, they are more organized and give the impression of an ecosystem, a broken one but an ecosystem nevertheless.

What are internists?

As I’ve mentioned before, internists are very similar to the PC crybabies mobs you’ll meet online but have a few differences, one major difference being: they grouped together to form a society, a dysfunctional one but a society nevertheless.

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Another difference is that, unlike PC people, you won’t meet internists in real life. They inhabit only the social media environment just like internet trolls.

You can spot the hangouts of the internists by the name of the blog, page or meme they reside. They like certain topics: Messi is great and Ronaldo is rubbish ( or the other way around ), democracy is good and communism is bad ( quite ironical if you look at their behavior ), capitalism makes the world go round, all rich people started from scratch. These kinds of subjects.

You can notice that internists like subjects you’ll normally find in mass-media indicating they aren’t exactly what one would call well cultivated people.

Entering their environment, you’ll notice that most internists talk appreciatively on the subject given by their dictator ( the creator of the page or meme ) and nobody changes the subject or they will be ostracized by their peers and will immediately apologize.

Anyone who contradicts with the ideas of the dictator will be attacked by a swarm of internists that correct the out-of-order comment with Wikipedia data ( if possible ) or just resort to insults on the aggressor’s ( in their minds, of course ) profile picture and account until the aggressor either backs down or leaves the premises ( e.g. stops replying ).

Any facts or logic will be ignored and condemned as hate!

I’ve said it numerous times before, Lenin is probably rolling in his mausoleum for missing the social media age where people are quick to adopt any rubbish ideas they see online and take these ideas to their graves without giving them a closer look.

For this precise reason I find the democrat internists the most ridiculous lot of them all. With unbelievable hate and verbal aggression they reject any idea ( even a joke ) that, in their simple minds, attacks democracy killing in the process every notion of freedom of speech and freedom to deliberate.

You would expect teenagers to be the sole perpetrators of this trend but, depressingly enough, there are also many adults around them.

If this is the future of social media, then, count me out.

If you've met the internists online and care to share your experience or you are an internist and, after reading only the subtitle, you wish to spread your vile in the comment section of this article, please do so :D.

See you around folks!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Radu Claudiu

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