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Why You Should Try Linux Once in Your Lifetime? Even If You Have Windows!

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Avijit is a Content Writer and Digital Marketer, working for a leading MLM Software Company in India.

What is Linux?

Linux is not just an Operating system. It’s a family of OSes that are based on Linux Kernel. As on today, there are 600 different types of Linux distributions available on this planet. You can choose any of the latest distribution of Linux and go with it.

Linux - Full-fledged Operating System

Different Linux OS

Different Linux OS

Full-fledged Operating System

Linux is completely free and Open Source. That means you can download and install it in your computer without paying a penny. The source codes are available for free use. If you are good with coding, then you can change and/or customize it as per your wish and requirements. You can even re-distribute it as your own.

Operating Systems Market Share Worldwide

In overall segment, Windows and Android are the leaders. Linux can be barely seen.

WindowsAndroidIOSOSXUnknownChrome OS







Desktop OS Market Share

For the desktop segment, The Microsoft is leading with Windows. Merely 1.53% of the desktop use Linux

Windows 7/8/10Mac OS/OS XOthers/UnknownChrome OSLinux






Mobile OS Market Share

For the mobile, Android is the leader, although IOS is keeping some share. But Linux is not here.








Undisputed Leadership of Linux

  1. As on 2019, 96.3% of the World’s top 1 million Webservers run on Linux.
  2. World’s top 500 Supercomputers run on Linux.
  3. Most of the Smartphone of today is powered by Android. Android is based on modified version of Linux Kernel.

One of the Most Beautiful Linux - Elementary


Linux and Myths

Linux is most trusted and preferred OS for Administration, Servers and advanced users. Still for the Desktop users, the picture is very different. There are numerous prevalent myths exist about Linux. And these misconceptions are responsible for “why most of the desktop users shy away from using Linux.

Linux Myth-busters Facts

  • Linux is for Everyone

People find Windows and OSX (Apple Mac Computer) are very easy to use and does not need any prior knowledge. But the same people think about Linux quite differently. They think that it is hard for new users even without trying.

The main thing is that anyone can use Linux quite comfortably. Linux was hard in the past. But modern developments have made it very easy for Graphical use.

  • Linux is not a CLI (Command Line Interface) based OS

CLI means Command Line Interface. Most of us fear the use of commands. Because we don’t have much knowledge about them. Most of the Windows users don’t even know about MS DOS, which is also CLI based.

But Linux is not all about CLI. It’s quite like Windows. Windows OS family is based on different modified versions of Kernel. And Linux family is also based on Linux Kernel.

  • Linux is User Friendly

It’s a very common myth that Linux is not user friendly. You do not need to know the use of commands to run everything. Like Windows operating systems, Linux also provides you great GUI (Graphical User Interface) based desktops. If you know how to use Windows, then it will be easy for you to use Linux too.

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  • For Personal and Office Use

Whether it is for Personal of Office use – Linux is enough for you. You can do all tasks in Linux like Browsing the web, listening to your favorite music, watching movies and videos, making a word or spreadsheet document, editing images and videos, write codes and programming and many more.

  • Use same programs as Windows

Do you prefer Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to browse the web? Or maybe something else. Like Windows, you can use these popular web browsers in Linux too. Just download and install and do your stuffs.

Not only web browsing, you can choose other popular software applications to do other things. And they work almost the same way as Windows works.

Common Applications - Windows vs Linux

You can see that you have the freedom to use different programs for different purposes. And Linux based applications are mostly, free.

Area of usageWindows ApplicationsLinux Applications

Word Document

MS Word

Libre Office Writer, Open Office Writer


MS Excel

Libre Office Calc, Open Office Calc

Image Editing

Microsoft Picture Manager, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

Pinta, Gthumb, GIMP, Inkscape

Videos and Movies

Windows Media Player

VLC Media Player

Video Editing

Windows Movie Maker


Code Editors

Notepad++, Sublime Text, Atom, Brackets

Geany, Sublime Text, Atom, Brackets

Linux Mint - Best Linux for All Purpose


Why You Should Try Linux?

I am very much practical in here. Windows is excellent for the desktop users. There is no doubt about that. Windows is miles ahead of Linux in many areas. But there are some domains where Linux is beating Windows by miles.

  • Free and Open Source

The most distinguished feature of Linux that it is completely free and Open Source. Unlike Winsows, you don’t need to spend a single penny to download and install any authentic versions of Linux.

Update and Upgrades are also free of charge. You can update and upgrade your Linux with available GUI based tools, very easily.

  • Best for Older Hardware

Do you have an old piece of desktop in you garage, that you wish to throw in the garbage? Install Linux in it. And it will work like a charm.

Maybe your old PC has 512 mb Ram, 20 GB hard-disk. And you may feel that those things are now for the garbage only. You can install any light weight Linux in that old piece of junk. And still that junk will help you to browse the web, see images and videos, Writing and editing and many more.

Best Linux for 512 mb -1 GB Ram

  1. Puppy Linux
  2. Lubuntu
  3. Lxle
  4. Antix
  5. Bodhi Linux
  6. Linux Lite
  7. Peppermint Linux
  8. Slax
  9. Porteous
  10. Xubuntu
  • Security

When it comes to security, Linux is probably a million miles away from the Windows. You may have already noticed that almost all the Supercomputers and most of the web hosting servers use Linux. Why do they use Linux? Because it’s secure.

You need to install anti-virus software in Windows to use it securely. But the Linux is made in such ways that it has inbuilt security protocols. You don’t need any anti-virus to install.

  • Diversity

Linux is diverse in its nature. There are almost 500 Linux OSes are still active. You can choose any of those based on your hardware configurations and requirements.

Unlike Windows, the Linux use different types of desktop environments. If you have older hardware, you can choose Xfce, LXQT, LXDE, Razor QT based Linux. And if your hardware is modern, then try Gnome, KDE, I3, Cinnamon, Pantheon based Linux.

  • Customisation

You can customise your newly installed desktop to make it look better than ever. You can download the different set of themes and icons to change the look, completely. Do you like Mac style OSX look? You can do that on Linux only.

  • Huge Community Support

Linux is mainly community based development. There is a large community out there who love to help when you wish to try something new or solving an issue. You just need to post your issue in the respective community, and they will respond you within a minute.

Puppy Linux can run on Pentium 3 Processor with just 300 MB of Ram. The ISO Image is merely 600 MB for 64 bit, 300 MB for 32 bit.

Puppy Linux can run on Pentium 3 Processor with just 300 MB of Ram. The ISO Image is merely 600 MB for 64 bit, 300 MB for 32 bit.

Dual Booting with Windows and Linux

Anyone can enable their PC with dual-boot system where Windows and Linux can work smoothly. This is one magical feature that Linux offers. As Linux takes fewer resources, you won’t have any problem with your Windows Operating System.

Most of the fully featured Linux require a maximum of 30 GB hard disk space. It’s not much to try this amazing OS on your desktop or laptops. You can use Windows partition Manager to create a 30 GB FAT32 Partition on your hard drive and install Linux in there.

At the time of booting, the GRUB menu will show you options to boot into your preferred OS. You can choose any by using keyboards arrow key to make the selection.

Linux Installation is Super Easy

Even if you have never installed any Operating System on any PC or laptop, still you can install Linux easily. The Linux Installer UI (User Interface) is very intuitive. You just need to follow the instructions. It’s almost like registering for a new Facebook or Twitter account.

How to Install Linux?

To install Linux, you need,

  • Windows PC
  • USB Drive – Pen Drive with minimum 4 GB capacity
  • A Linux ISO file
  • Rufus - ISO file writer form Windows

Download a portable copy of Rufus application from You don’t need to install it. Just open the app after downloading. You will see the user friendly interface in there.

Start the ISO Burning process by connecting your USB drive in your PC. Then open Rufus.

  1. Select the Pen Drive.
  2. Click to choose your newly downloaded Linux ISO file.
  3. Set partition scheme to ‘MBR’.
  4. The target system should be “BIOS or UEFI.”
  5. Volume label should be set automatically. You don’t need to do anything.
  6. Set the file system to “Fat 32.”
  7. Click Start when you are ready.

After some moment, you will get the confirmation of successful completion. Now your Linux installation medium is ready.

Restart your computer and insert the newly created Linux USB in there. You will get into Linux module. It's that easy.

Linux Installation Process with Rufus



Do you know that 91% of the total PCs sold in India, run on pirated Windows? And you need to know that 85% of these Windows comes with dangerous malware. Using such pirated systems can potentially harm your identity and privacy.

Microsoft is able to know that there are millions of users in Asia use pirated Windows. Why use them when you have full-fledged Linux Operating Systems available for free? This is why I recommend you to try Linux once in your lifetime.

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