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Why You Should Love Over 40s on Tiktok (at Least Some of Them)

I'm an over 40, nerdy artist mom. I've created art and part of Gen Y and I don't plan to stop on the art. Catch me on TikTok as mixywitchy80

Because we are sharing our wisdom with you

We fought to keep our hobbies without a resource to share and create together from our quiet computer rooms. We risked skin, lungs, and humiliation to run trial and error on costumes, makeup, hair, and even music creation that we knew may never be seen beyond our own small circle of friends.

We wished for an outlet...a way to share our work with the world and learn from those who have already tried to make the piece stick, the song resonate, the makeup "pop". So we created.

We have slaved over ancient screens with nothing more than chips and sugary drinks to sustain us, typing original code until our fingers swole and our prescriptions grew to near blindness. Now we wish to use the products of our labor and the children it has spawned from the next generation (who we also created) jumping off what we started.

Not so snarky opening

Okay, I get it. No one wants their parents on their social media. Well, I'm not your parents and my kids gladly add me to their page...even when I would rather they not.

Not every person over 40 is ready to turn in their cosplay gear, pack up the microphone and instruments, or stash the easel and why should we be? We used those same tools before we brought Gen Y and X into the world and we have no plans on stopping now.

Of course, I know we're not all not so former nerds and tech geeks but those of us who gave blood, sweat, and tear (and yes, literally) to make these things possible for ourselves and our offspring should not be shunned for using our own creations. Especially when we are being shunned by the children of our former bullies, naysayers, and other more popular "peers".

Yes, those over 40 may not be what you are jumping to see on your favorite platform but don't blame us because you may have come from the former "cool" citizens of our high school nightmare flashbacks.

Consider this. We aren't following them either.

Pick up where we left off and we can all have FUN!

So, the point has been made that the we I speak of is not the over 40 that decided that we should behave, dress, and act like "grown-ups" but those of us who learned in the '90s that we didn't have to act like what everyone claimed was adult and mature just to be a respectable member of society.

The we I mean is the we that made and still makes, that refuses to age and makes grey look like a fashion statement while embracing the sexiness of every extra line our bodies throw at us. We are happy to see those we sent into the world with our ideas spread their message and create change. Our children stand up for justice, refuse to reform, and we just want you all to know that we are proud to see what you have done with what we created.

However, we are disappointed to see you complain about the presence of potential mentors and teachers in your online community. How do you plan to go further without the original code to expand upon? We are here to teach you so you don't have to learn from the beginning.

Starting from square one only gets us as far as the last person to run the race.

We blended these colors enough times to tell you horror stories about going out bright orange without eyebrows after a mishap (one of the few times many of us are glad that smartphones and social media were not a thing yet in our youth). We crossed these wires and suffered the electric shocks so you wouldn't have to (at least not at the same level). We have developed ways to protect ourselves so you can keep strong and move forward.

Instead of complaining about our presence look to us for inspiration to move forward and change your vocabulary. Complain about those of any age that doesn't create, don't share, and don't want to pass on their knowledge if you just so happen to need something to complain about. I wouldn't and I would hope we taught you all better. We were ourselves when it was a given that beating and shunning would be a part of our lives. we do not judge...even the lurkers. Let them lurk, let them learn, let them grow your audience, and let them see you be your best self by learning from those who came before you.

I guess I'll wrap it up

As I said, I get it. We don't always want our parents watching what we do online. I may be "grown" but I still prefer to keep my actual online presence to myself and those like me.

However, keep in mind that *your* parents are not a representation of my generation. My kind was a rare breed and breed we did. We made more like us while everyone else was busy being "mature". We had fun, we learned from our hippie parents and the steps they took to give us a headstart in being ourselves against oppression. We love our elders because we love to learn as much as we can and go from there...and we want you to do the same.

Learn from us, grow, and make more for the future when the time is right. Do not block us out for the sins of our "peers" but rather take our fire and keep it going.

Advance on our techniques, add to our code, push that button we couldn't reach, and go faster, further, and stronger.

We will gladly learn from your advancements for as long as we can and continue to help you improve until our time as your leaders has come to a close.

Who is This Chick?

So, who the heck is JMystic? Some older chick who likes to talk a bunch? A mom with issues? A celestial being stuck in this realm?

The answer is "YES"!

Born to this world in 1980, she was a product of the Midwest and the South and even then she couldn't do it the way that comes to the minds of most. Her spirit picked to be brought into the bustle of St. Louis and her coming of age was spent in the chaos of S. Florida. Somehow she ended up in the typical midwestern world of Oklahoma and she is always taking one more step to make her mark there until the day she moves to the next chapter.

Mother, anxiety-ridden ball of chaos, artist, and (of course) writer. JMystic has been the love and bane of every English professor she has ever had by just recently taking their advice and stepping into the writing career they always dreamed of her.

Hopefully, she will be a poster child for "never to late" and you will have a front row seat to the show!

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