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Why People Love Youtuber Lisa Schwartz (lisbug)


Blonde, beautiful, famous,and funny - you'd think that Lisa Schwartz would be stuck-up and sophisticated. But she's real, easy to relate to, and hilarious. There are so many reasons why people love to watch Lisa Schwartz on her Youtube Channel, lisbug.


1. She's Funny

People who don't think women can be funny have never seen Lisa Schwartz before. She's not afraid to make any joke, no matter how offensive or weird, which is something I greatly appreciate. She's also witty and creative. The lyrics for this song are hilarious, especially halfway through when she starts attacking the women. The faces that she makes are also ridiculous.

2. She's Adorkable (No, I didn't spell that wrong)

It was hard to find just one video to represent this. She's sweet, silly, awkward, and adorable in pretty much all of her videos. It's just who she is.

You don't watch her "how-to" videos to see an expert who always knows what they are doing. You watch them to laugh and have fun with her. You watch them to see what a real person will get when they try to follow a tutorial online or use a weird product.

She's better at it than Shane Dawson, but she still has her ridiculous and hilarious moments.

3. She's Naturally Beautiful

I didn't choose this video to be ironic, I chose this video to show how beautiful Lisa Schwartz is with or without a lot of make-up, since she starts with a natural face at the beginning of the video. It's not necessary to be beautiful to be liked on youtube, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

Weirdly, she seems to be the only person unaware of this fact. She's talked about many times how she struggled with her weight when she was younger and it seems that she's carried some of the insecurities of that time into her adulthood.

4. She's An Amazing Actress

If you see her video with the Psychic Twins, they call her a triple threat. She does skits, she sings. and all kinds of things on top of talking about her life or just trying random things. She's talented in a variety of ways and also beautiful, yet she's so easy to relate to and down-to-earth.

5. She's Not Afraid To Make A Controversial Joke

I'm a big fan of shock humor. I've gone to comedy clubs many times with my husband and seen comedians make pretty much every kind of offensive joke. I fully believe that Lisa Schwartz could go toe-to-toe with any comedian. She doesn't hold back. It's not just anyone who could go in front of a stage full of people and handle a drunk crowd and make jokes that might make people upset. But I'm pretty sure she'd think it was no problem after handling all the comments she regularly receives on the internet.

6. She's Not Embarrassed To Share Anything With Youtube

If you're scared of "tmi", then you probably shouldn't watch Lisa Schwartz. She and Shane make jokes about their relationship, sharing all kinds of embarrassing and inappropriate things. On her own, Lisa is willing to put herself in embarrassing situations or reveal humiliating stories on camera. She even farts and burps on camera.

Because she doesn't try to pretend that she's not a real person. She's honest about her struggle to find a good relationship and about her bodily functions.

7. She's Like Your Friend

Real friends share embarrassing moments and secrets with each other. Lisa Schwartz openly does this on camera. Not everyone could handle being that open and honest everywhere.

People always talk about being careful about what you show online because you can't ever delete it or remove it. It's there forever. But she is willing to be vulnerable and put herself out there and let the consequences fall wherever they will.

She shares some of her struggles in life, like her struggle to find a long term relationship and her "weird" friendship with her ex, Shane Dawson.

She makes you feel like you know her and like you're having fun, laughing with her.

After all, it isn't just anyone who would pee in their panties on camera to show how absorbent they are.

8. She's Relateable

It would be easy for someone as pretty as Lisa Schwartz to intimidate people, but Lisa never acts superior to anyone and even brings up stories of when she didn't fit in or struggled to feel good about herself.

9. Two Broken Girls

I love both Tracy and Lisa together. They're hilarious and make me feel like I am hanging out with my two best friends. Even though you're watching videos that thousands of other people have watched, it feels like a girls night out, just the three of you, sharing embarrassing stories and secrets.

A lot of people claim that Lisa Schwartz copies Shane Dawson. The two are a lot alike, they're still good friends, and have a similar sense of humor, so it's to be expected that some of their videos will have things in common with his, but "Two Broken Girls" shows that Lisa Schwartz has a lot of great ideas all her own.

They are some of my favorite videos of Lisa's.

10. #Shisha

Yes, they've broken up and they're never going to get back together again, but all of us deep down inside kind of wish that they would. They were so in love, so perfect for each other, and so alike, such a fun couple, that you can't help but root for them even when it's all over.

There's a lot of chemistry between them and happiness clearly in their videos.

If you love Shane Dawson and you love Lisa Schwartz, then likely, you adore the two of them together, even as just friends.

Also, without Shisha, a lot of us might not have even heard of Lisa Schwartz. And while she can stand on her own and has a lot of good ideas that have nothing to do with Shane, it would have been a shame if they had never been together because a lot of us might never have heard of Lisa.

And I believe that Lisa has helped influence and make Shane who he is today.

11. Her Dog, Corny

If the internet has taught us anything, it's that a lot of us are obsessed with our pets and by extension, we are also obsessed with the pets of celebrities.

As soon as I saw Corny, I thought she was adorable. And then I found out that her name is actually short for Unicorn and my heart melted. What a cute name and nickname!

I know my dog is like my sidekick in life. I'd bring her everywhere with me if I could. Corny is always by Lisa's side as well and she's so adorable!

12. Her Family

There's just so much love and laughter in Lisa's heart and life. A lot of us are thankful that she films it and lets us in on all of that. Her family has just as good of sense of humor as her. They're always entertaining and a welcome addition in any of her videos.


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