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Why Hubpages Is Great for International Writers


If you're new to the writing community or just want to start your very own writing blog, you should start with Hub pages. It has a large community of writers from all over the world.

It is easy to register and get paid through The blogging platform is free to join. You need no money to get started.

The website is for those who love to write. You must write highly useful and engaging content in English.

If English is not your country language, just use the Google play store app to download a language tool, so you can translate your work properly into the English language. It will make you highly successful. Your work must read professionally without many grammatical errors.

The reason to take such action is so your work will be found in the Google search engine.

Here is How Hubpages Work.

Hub pages is a United States-based website that is open to anyone who loves to write. It is a site where you can basically blog about anything that interest you.

Hub pages allow writers to get paid through their ad program and Google AdSence when you first register and become a member of their writing community. You will earn money from your first twenty- five published articles from the website when someone first clicks your article. It takes a few months for your article to register with Google and to start earning from the AdSense or Amazon programs. Make sure to register for Google AdSense when you join. You can include related Amazon products to your work when you first write your article. If someone buys the product, you will get paid a percentage from the program when it is included in your article after a month has gone by.

Hub pages have many easy to use tools such as their Amazon, call-out, and recipes capsules.

Your earning potential depends on how well you write and how you promote your work on social media outlets etc. The writing community on Hub pages allows you to follow other writers, when you do so they may follow you back. This will help you build a fan base when you leave great comments on their work.

The more followers you have, the more money you will earn. The website has millions of amateur and professional writers.

Hub-pages minimum payout is 50 U.S. dollars. The payment will reach your account when you have reached the minimum amount in earnings. It is how your first check will be processed through PayPal. You can check your earnings whenever you like.

Why writers from Africa, Asia, South America and Europe should try Hubpages?

The earning potential can help you earn an income monthly. PayPal can be used by anyone regardless of where you live in the world when you register for PayPal, which is also free. The money can be transferred through PayPal to your personal bank account in the country you live in.

It can be done once Hub pages send your check to your PayPal account at the end of each month or whenever you reach their minimum payout of 50 U.S. dollars or more.

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All international Hub pages users must have a PayPal account to receive payment from the website. Writers from Africa, Asia, South America and Europe are always welcome to give Hub-pages a try.

You will love the many perks and awards of becoming a member. Awards will be added to your profile such as how many years you wrote for the website, the amount of traffic, user engagement and so forth. This will make you look like a professional writer by the many accolades you can earn from writing for the website.

Why Write?

Hub pages is the easiest to navigate and use for new, inexperienced or professional writers or bloggers. The website has so many network sites that your work can also be viewed on. You are welcome each month to submit an article you wrote to any of their other sites. They will review your submission and place it on the other site if it is related to the site content.

Your earnings can range from month to month depending on how much traffic your articles generate. You will love the experience of being a member,, especially if you're an international writer.

What to Write About?

Choosing a great subject is easy. There are many categories to blog under on Hub pages such as Art, finance, literature, products, technology, traveling, science and finance.

You can find a subject that interests you. Poetry, short stories, rare medical conditions, cars, clothes, shoes, watches, computers, cameras, food, parenting, traveling, how to tutorials, pets, religion, sewing and gardening are a few subjects to help you get started. Remember, the more content you create, the better your success.

Write about whatever you think someone may find interesting to read. The public is constantly searching for something useful or intriguing to their personal needs. It is best to write about what interests you.

A thousand words or more will also make your articles available in the search engine. You don't have to write a thousand words. Your content just need to be well written and useful.

Perfect platform for professional writers

Hub pages is the perfect platform for professional writers. Your work will get the attention it deserves if you're hardworking and create a significant amount of useful content.

International Poets, book authors, novelists, creative writers and content writers will greatly benefit from the website. The more talent you have, the better your success.

Write for the public, not just yourself. Tell them something cool or inspiring. Stick to a specific niche that is your expertise.

The key to good blogging is building a fan base whether it's through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest or just awesome and engaging content.

It is best to brainstorm and coming up with something great. Have fun using this website. You can be very successful if you put in the time and effort.

Why Amateur writers should write on Hubpages

Amateur writers can find a voice and platform with Hub pages. It will help you learn more about the blogging world. The website will enhance your writing skills with its many useful writing tools.

There are also contests and forums you can participate in or to ask questions about how to use the website more effectively.

Reading others work will also enhance your skills as a blogger. You can find a wealth of great information on this wonderful site.

Write and join Hub-pages today. You won't regret your decision.

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