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Why TikTok Accounts Get Deleted & What to Do

TikTok suspension means you cannot use the social network anymore.

TikTok suspension means you cannot use the social network anymore.

TikTok is undoubtedly one of the trendiest apps of the last years. It has been released since the acquisition of by the Chinese company ByteDance and revamped in order to export internationally the experience of Douyin, a short videos app very popular in China. Since the launch, TikTok conquered people of every part of the world, especially teenagers, so the success already achieved in China was totally replicated also outside. TikTok success lays in the entertaining aspect of scrolling among several short videos, something that is even addicting for some people. In addition, many people enjoyed the use of the app for sharing trends made of dances, challenges or for just showing something new to people. Actually, TikTok is one of the most growing social networks of all times, setting a big challenge for the other American brands.

The Dark Aspects of TikTok

Despite TikTok is generally perceived as a positive app by people who use it, there are still some issues that, at the end, are common also on other platforms: cyber-bullying and dangerous trends surely represent a negative experience of this app. Moreover there are also people uploading illegal videos and many children who fake their birth date in order to join the platform before the legal age. All these situations are harmful for the platform and for the general experience of using it, that is the reason why the company behind TikTok takes appropriate measures against illicit behaviors, including banning completely users from using the app.

The TikTok welcome screen

The TikTok welcome screen

Why Does TikTok Ban People

TikTok takes several measures against people who violate the community rules. The table below illustrates some of the most common actions the platform may perform in order to ensure rules are followed.


Deletion of one or more videos

The user who posted the videos receives a warning about their content taken out of the platform. The user can still enjoy TikTok experience and post other videos, with the warning that other violations may result in more serious actions. The videos removed cannot be seen anymore by other people.


Deletion of comments

One or more comments posted by the user on videos get deleted and a warning is sent.


Muting videos

One or more videos get muted and music is not played anymore. This especially happens in case of use of unauthorized music or in case a song previously licensed gets out of the platform.


Banning of the user

The user gets completely banned from the platform. All their videos and the profile get hidden to the other people and they are not viewable or discoverable in any way. The user can still watch other videos but cannot post, comment, message, follow or get followed by other users. This is the most severe action and it is generally taken against users who have committed recidive violations or who have been engaged in serious violations of the TikTok Community Rules or illegal behaviors.


What To Do If TikTok Banned You

When you get simply a comment or video deleted from the platform you are essentially facing a very small consequence and your general experience on TikTok remains the same. In this case you should just think about what was wrong with the content that got removed so that you don’t violate TikTok rules another time. The biggest problem is with permanent suspensions of your account, as this essentially means you are not allowed anymore to use TikTok and your experience can be only the same of a viewer who doesn’t have an account. When you get banned the only solution you have is to reach the TikTok support and ask for the reasons and if there is a way to get reinstated. If you have violated rules multiple times or have engaged in seriously illegal behaviors, there are few probabilities of being allowed to use TikTok again, that’s why it is important not to post illegal stuff or harass other people. Permanent suspension of a TikTok account may also lead to the loss of posted videos and of all the gained subscribers, so it is something undesirable, especially if you have put much effort in building your presence on the platform.

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