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Why Do People Love Youtuber, Pewdiepie?

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Who Is Pewdiepie?

Some Facts About Pewdiepie

Pewdiepie is currently the most subscribed to channel on youtube. His most popular video has well over 70 million views and counting. Pewdiepie's real name is Felix and he's from Sweden, although he's lived in different countries, like the UK during his youtube career. He's a "Let's Player" on youtube, which mean he plays video games for his audience.

You might have heard of him before, but have no idea why people like him. Here are some reasons why.



1. His Funny Reactions And Noises

To be a popular "Let's Player" on youtube, you have to have pretty dramatic reactions to the games you play. You must be good at commenting on a game while at the same time playing it, which can be difficult. Most people find just watching someone play a video game, unless the story is deep and engrossing, to be boring.

As you can see, Pewdiepie's reactions to a lot of video games are pretty dramatic. He has a wide variety of noises he makes, not just high-pitched noises when he's scared, especially when playing horror games. Some people find them to be hilarious and some people find them to be stupid. But it's unlikely that this aspect of him is going to change. He even says his username in a silly sounding way.

He, along with most "Let's Players", have been accused of faking, or at least, exaggerating their reactions to things. But even if that's true, you've got to admit that these kind of reactions are more entertaining than if he just sat there silently.

2. Juvenile Sense Of Humor

Pewdiepie has a very large audience of young people. Not just because younger people use the internet more. It's also because of the way he speaks and the jokes he's made.

If you noticed, in the blue picture near the top of this article, there's a fist punching the screen. This is pewdiepie's logo, the "brofist" as he calls it. He often refers to his viewers as "bros" and says the word "bro" a lot sometimes.

He also makes a lot of sex jokes, poop jokes, whatever jokes he finds funny. If you can't have an immature sense of humor sometimes, you're probably not going to find him funny. But if you do have that kind of sense of humor, you might find him hilarious.

3. He Plays Games Other "Let's Players" Won't Play

"Let's Players" are known for playing games that most people won't touch. Playing broken games that have no point or glitch a lot can be unpredictable and hilarious to watch,

But most "Let's Players" are aware that their audience is young and while they may make crude jokes, they usually stay away from things like pornographic games.

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This is not the case with Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie will play pretty much anything. Whether it's a good or bad game. Pornographic or tame. Stupid or deep.

Youtube doesn't allow pornographic content, so in some of his video he has to put censor bars.That doesn't stop him from playing these games and posting them.


4. He Can Make Anything Funny And Ridiculous

I honestly did not think I could find watching someone put on face masks entertaining, but between the ridiculous outfit he's wearing and the weird products he found, this video is hilarious. This is a sponsored video as well. Lootcrate likely paid him to do it. A lot of popular youtubers do sponsor videos to make a bit of extra cash. These can be boring and too much like commercials. But pewdiepie is entertaining enough that you don't really notice that you're watching a sponsor video unless you're paying attention to it.

I think this is because pewdiepie genuinely has fun making his videos and that enjoyment bleeds through.

5. He's Hyper And Random

He's really hyper and random. You never know what he is going to say or do in any of his videos.

6. He Interacts With His Fans

Most "Let's Players" interact with their fans in some way, but I'd argue that Pewdiepie takes it a bit further than most of them do. Most of them read random comments or tweets and react to them in their videos, but he sometimes calls for his fans to do certain things, like draw fan-art for him and then he reacts to those.

Because Pewdiepie's fan base is mostly younger people or people with childish senses of humors, these can lead to some ridiculous results and reactions from Pewdiepie.

7. He Does Other Stuff Besides Gaming

Most "Let's Players" branch out a little bit sometimes from always playing video games on their channel, but Pewdiepie seems to take this further. He has regular features on his channel and events that he updates with new videos all the time.

Love Or Hate?

Pewdiepie is one of those youtubers that you're likely either going to love or hate. Very few people feel nothing towards him after being introduced, which has contributed a lot to his popularity.

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