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Why C Programming Language Has Been Named as C?

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Everybody, who are familiar with programming, know the C language. At least a little. I am not an exception too. I heard about it in school and had to learn it a little in university. My lecturers never bothered about introducing the aims and the origin of this language. There were only variables, functions, algorithms and other similar stuff. At the moment I am using C again and when I had found a question about the history of the C language I have thought about the deeper investigation. I know that such a topic can be very boring to read. I will try to make it informative and interesting. So, who knows, why C is called C? I do! (at last)


What is C?

If you are not familiar with computer programming, you may ask what is C? What are you talking about? Well, C is general purpose computer programming language. This language was developed at the Bell Laboratories in 1960-1973 by Dennis Ritchie. The main goal for creating the C language was the ability to implement system software. At the moment C is one of the most popular programming languages. There are compilers for C in many different computer architectures. The C language is the language that had very huge influence on many other programming languages. So this is the reason, why C is so popular. Another step in programming languages evolution was Object Oriented Programming. The C++ programming language was created as an extension of C language.

Why it is called C?

The C language is called so because of a very simple reason. It was named after the language, that was called B. The very first Unix systems were written in low level assembler language. These systems were built for working with PDP-7, the minicomputer, that was introduced in 1965. Ken Thompson developed a compiler for high level language, that was called B. This was a new approach in computer programming. The B language helped to avoid thousands of pages of delicate and strict assembler programming. It enabled the possibility to express given task in only a few lines of code. The development of B language helped to improve Unix system much more faster. The programming became convenient, fast and creative.

The 16-bit microcomputer PDP-11 was released in 1970. After this computer have arrived at Bell Laboratories, Dennis Ritchie started working with it. He worked with B language to create a new language. He called this high level language as C. This name is very concise and easy to remember. But the reason why C become so popular is it's functionality and very well developed structure.


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