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Why Adsterra Best Ads

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Why Adsterra Best Ads | Adsterra Ads Review

Hello friends, where you will get information about why Adsterra best ads. Adsterra is Adnetwork. Adsterra provides us with ads which we can make money by putting on our website Adsterra provides advertisement facility in two categories as an advertiser and as a publisher.

Adsterra is a great platform for those who have not received approval from Google Adsense or have fewer pages on their website. They can use Adsterra for them, Adsterra is the best, and Adsterra's ads are available in many formats below. Will be told that what kind of ads does Adsterra make available when you are a publisher only. The shortest time available in Adsterra is in a few minutes. Therefore, Adsterra is the best, which we can start earning from our website by placing an ad in a single day.

Why Adsterra Best Ads | Adsterra Review

Why Adsterra Best Ads | Adsterra Review

How to use Adsterra And Earn Money

If you have a blog that is getting more and more traffic but you are not earning due to any reason, then you can create a publisher account of an Adsterra and show ads on your website that you can earn it. Your website depends on how much traffic comes to your website, the more traffic will come, the more you will earn. If you want to learn how to set up a full set of Adsterra, you can watch this full video. Video can be beneficial for learning more.

Video Tutorial of How to Create an Adsterra Account

Why Adsterra best any Other Adnetworks

Gets approved quickly.

Here we can add as many websites as we like.

Aids are available in different formats.

One has to depend more on impressions because impressions earn.

For this, we do not have to wait, put an ad today, and start earning from today.

Even beginners can use it.

It does not require much coding.

This is the easiest ad network.

No more traffic is needed.

The new website instant approved.

About Adsterra Ads Format

1. Popunder:

Benefits of Popunder Ads

The highest-earning is from this popunder format, the content of this ad transfers your website to another website, as soon as the user enters your website, after clicking enter than any part of your website, then it will be Goes on the website of advertisers, in this way it gets the highest CPM, which also earns more.

What are the effects of Popunder Ads on the website?

But the effect of a popunder ad is that it increases the bounce rate of your website but it increases the bounce rate of your website. If our website's bounce rate increases then our website's rank in Google decreases.

2. Social bar:

Benefits of Social bar Ads.

The social bar is a chatbox like the way we chat on social media, it is known as the social bar ad format here, this ad also earns more money.

What are the effects of Social bar Ads on the website?

Social bar ads can be troublesome for some users but there is no effect on that user, he can also skip it by skipping but he should come to skip otherwise he will be redirected to another website, the user gets redirected to another website.

3. Web push:

Benefits of Web push Ads.

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These ads form is the highest earning ads format, we can earn more by putting this ad on our website.

What are the effects of Web push Ads on the website?

The form of This ad has no effect on the user until he clicks on it nor does it affect our website.

4. Native Ads:

Benefits of Native Ads.

Native and format are the best ad formats, we can also add this ad to our blog or website page, it looks like our post on which users click more, and when users click on this ad That's why we earn more.

What are the effects of Native Ads on the website?

Native aids have no effect on our website, if we add these ads on our separate page then we have no effect.

5. Pre-roll Video:

benefits of Pre-roll Video Ads.

The pre-roll video format is the best and highest-earning ads format, if we add it to our website, it gives more money, it is in the form of a video that the user can easily watch and click on.

What are the effects of Native Ads on the website?

Video format ads are more beneficial for our website because it allows the user to watch videos only if we spend time on our website, then our website's bounce rate is the lowest, so our website comes top in Google rank. We must use our website.

6. Banner Ads:

benefits of banner Ads

This is why it is beneficial because we can apply these ads according to their size wherever they are. These ads form also affects the design of our website because there is empty space, ads start appearing there, then the design of our website also looks good. We can apply this ads formant wherever we want. Banner ads are available in all formats such as 250 * 250.

What are the effects of Banner Ads on the website?

The lowest-earning is from this format because here the user clicks less and when the user does not click then we do not earn much, but by adjusting them in a good place then we get more impressions and when impressions get more Only then earn more.

About this hub

This is based on my experience and I am using Adsterra so I have offered this suggestion to you. If you like my suggestion then you use Adsterra. Whatever I knew about Adsterra. I shared it with you

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.



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