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Which Is Better: Ui/Ux Designing, Programming or Copywriting?

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Kebsi is an expert Full-Stack Websites & Games Developer. He worked with all aspects of programming for more than 5+ years.

Building a website goes into many processes. The content or the texts inside the website needs to be well managed and written. Text alone doesn't make a website. Styling the texts, adding images and making it with a suitable user interface starts making some changes. All these elements need some people to collect them and make them as a final model. Now, you may take a hint about what this article is about. You will know which is better, to be a UI/UX designer, a Programmer or a Copywriter.

Why a Website Needs all Those People to Work on?

Most of us surf the network without caring about what happens behind the scenes. You are now reading inside a website, but did you know who made it? I [Mr.Kebsi] is a writer. Their are professionals who worked on this platform. They made it available for writers and for readers. Websites, like the commercial ones, don't have a place that give you information like this. They sell products or services, make surveys, expand a brand name, hire workers or ask for donations. Such those websites need some hard working. The copywriters will go and write ever single word in the site. A UI/UX or User Interface & User eXperience designers will design the way you will see the site. They make a planning sample called "prototype". The programmers handle the rest and collect them all to make the final draft. In big companies or organizations, there are more than two or three copywriters, two or more UI/UX designers and two websites developers (programmers).


A person writing something online

A person writing something online

Copywriting is the way of writing every plain text a client (you) can see in a particular website. You are now reading a text. You can call it copywriting. But, the true name of this is blogging or article writing. Writing for giving information is what I am doing. Writing for advertising is the Copywriting. Copywriting focuses on advertising for a specific item or service. It should be clear. Writers need also to make it nice and well-organized that makes customers feel comfortable and happy to read it for even 30 minutes. Being a copywriter needs strong knowledge about marketing. You need to engage customers and make them feel safe buying from the site or making any decision. At least, they should have zero risks to make them feel comfortable.

UI/UX Designing

User Interfaces designer planning for his/her project

User Interfaces designer planning for his/her project

Once all the texts become ready, it's time to start exploring creative possibilities. The style of a website needs to be well-established. A UI/UX designer will start his job from this position. UI/UX Is the abbreviation or User Interface and User eXperience designing. Most of the designers have special softwares to make their design like Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch and many others. They export a very simple format of a website called "Prototype". A prototype is a long image containing several texts. The designer will take the texts from the copywriter. He will add more smaller images. Once you zoom into it, you will feel that it is an entire website. This will give the full idea about how the website should look like. The team will present this prototype to the managers. The managers will give a decision whether to make it or not. Once they accept the suitable prototype, a programmer or programmers will start their job.

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This is how modern programing languages look like

This is how modern programing languages look like

I was always mentioning the one who write the codes as a programmer. Calling them by developers is much better. A developer is the one who takes the prototype and start coding. The most will-known language for website developers is HTML. They call it "the web skeleton". Back to the topic, developers handle everything from collecting the data to uploading it online. Most of the time, there are two developers. The one who works in managing the User Interface uses three languages "HTML, CSS and JavaScript". They also use some other side libraries, softwares or frameworks. They make whatever you can see inside the website. The other developer will work behind the scenes. Have you ever thought about where did your sign up information stored and how? How could the ads that pop-up connect to what you want? How could Amazon remember my account details everytime I want to buy something? A Back-End websites developer is the responsible of all this. So, both the front-end (first one) and the back-end developers work together to make great result. Sometime, you can find one developer works on both (like me). But, this job is the hardest one among the others. It needs hard working and years of studying.

Which Is Best for You?

After reading all these descriptions, did you know the best one for you? You may felt a little bit excited to read more about one of them. If so, go with it. if not, keep on reading this section. You may remember the school subjects. When one of your teachers assigned a homework, what was the one that you felt happy to do or find easy? Was it something that requires writing and expressing what you have in your heart? Then copywriting may become best for you. You may loved math and hard things like a second language. So, learning how to write codes and study programming languages may look suitable for you. If you only loved the art and music class, then you need to express your creativity in designing. You may become a great UI/UX designer. All these are just life examples. You may have many other reasons that will make you love one of them. This is why I told you in the beginning "You may felt a little bit excited..."

What about the Salaries?

The salaries may vary from a place to another. Anyway, UI/UX Designers in USA usually receive the best. After them developers come and last copywriters. Even a copywriter can take from 50,000 to 200,000 dollars per year. It all depends on the place and the company they work for. Yet, a person should never care about the salary since doing what they love is more important than any other thing. If you love what you are doing, you will do it well. Once you become a well-known person in your occupation, you may earn a surprising amount of money. I worked on making video games, which was my favorite hubby, for a long time. I had an uncounted money from it. But at the end, I've found that being inside the community of happy people needs to go and do other things. Now, I'm still making games, writing what is good for people, building websites, teaching students in my neighborhood, and contributing with the ones in need for others. But after all, I didn't care about the money and I am now living the life I want, so this should apply on you. Once you do what you love, you will create your own world. I hope that you will get throw what you want and run your own race as soon as possible. Even if the thing you love is not mentioned above, you will find the right thing for you at the right time, but keep going and never give up.

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