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Which Internet Browser To Choose: Great Browsing Alternatives

Computer users have a wide selection of web browser which they can use to surf the net. All web browsers are free, but the competition is fierce between them. This is an article showing what the users options are and which browser is ideal for every kind of computer user.

What are the options?

We start with Internet Explorer. For years it has been more like the only choice for users, due to the wide spread sales of Windows Operating System. Internet Explorer is implemented in Windows, which makes it the default browser for everyone using this platform. Users who are inexperienced, those who do not feel like searching for another browser or do not wanna mess with uninstalling/ installing will probably not remove this browser. Later editions of Internet Explorer have overcome serious problems,mainly security holes and are updated often. Tab browsing has been used recently, providing flexibility and ease of use for everyone, but the list of add-ons is not sufficient and many debate on the speed it can surf with. Moreover, most experienced users will only use Internet Explorer once - when they download another browser.
Mozilla Firefox is the most popular internet browser the last 3 years. It has managed to gain a serious percentage of the web browsers market, mainly by countering the problems Internet Explorer was facing. Tab browsing has been present for many versions, the add-ons list got thousands of options for users (adblockers, email notifiers, and so many more) and support is great. there are however some serious drawbacks - Firefox tends to go very heavy after installing some add-ons (consumes really much RAM sometimes), while the security is somehow questioned, since security issues have recently occurred.
Flock is based on firefox engine and can support the huge add-ons library of Firefox. Compared to it, it is a bit less heavy and is good for older PCs.
Opera is considered the fastest browser by some users, but with so much competition in this field, comparing speed is not always easy. Besides, differences in speed cannot be tested well, and anyway, it will just be some nanoseconds or milliseconds. Opera has some loyal fans, but personally I consider the interface a bit not user friendly.
Google Chrome is a web browser created with main purpose to offer flexibility and extreme speed. It does not offer many add-ons and at the moment it is not really flexible either. The interface is simple and user friendly. Chrome has not, at least up to now, managed to gain enough popularity.
K-meleon is a highly customizable, lightweight web browser, mainly focusing to advanced users who want complete control over their surfing experience.
Safari is the web browser of the software giant Apple. Implemented in MACs and iPhones and the rest products of Apple, it does have loyal fans but not a wide popularity among other Operating Systems users.
TheWorld - this one is interesting option. Completely infamous, most users even experienced ones have not even heard of it. But those who do know of it... TheWorld is the lightest web browser ever produced. It does not have add-ons as advanced as the Firefox ones, but it does have some basic features already implemented. It includes tab browsing, it has a wide selection of themes user can choose, but thats all. It is however so lightweight that any user, advanced or not, will be astonished. Loading of tabs takes no time at all, memory consumption is just a fraction of Firefox's and Internet Explorer's even with many tabs open. Old systems, even the first Pentiums will easily surf the web with this browser, because even with 20 tabs it still consumes less than 60MB of ram. TheWorld is therefore focused to those users with old computers, or as a second or third browser for the rest.

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Multiple browsers

Worth mentioning now is the fact that web browsers are not like antivirus software - a user can install more than 1, actually as many as he wishes. Then he will be asked which he wants as default browsing tool, while at the same time he can try the rest browsers for characteristics he might prefer. After all, despite their pro's and con's, browsers are also a matter of personal tastes, so user has to experiment a bit with those before he decides on one.

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ItKnol on December 24, 2013:

Thank you very much *bow*.

CyberFreak (author) on December 24, 2013:

Thank you. I commented at your review, I find it extremely good and well-documented.

ItKnol on December 24, 2013:

Nice hub. Voted it up. :)

You might want to add Maxthon to the list. I just reviewed it the other day. It does have some good potential and is definitely faster than Chrome. Would love to see what you think of my review. It's featured on my page right now.



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Alexander Silvius from Portland, Oregon on May 07, 2012:

Flock was discontinued in January it seems, but the website quotes Mark Twain to indicate that it will be back. I'm curious to see if it will.

I am pretty happy with Firefox and I like most of their changes. IE is still too slow and buggy and Chrome is too simplistic for me - although it is faster than Firefox I must admit. K-Meleon interests me because I hate not having control over my browser.

On Chrome I still haven't figured out how to see the cookies because I like to double check after erasing all history. IE is even worse because even after I erased all my cookies in IE, I was still logged in to my email account!

Safari looks nice, but I can't figure out how to use it, it resists simple actions like going to a url that I type in. It works fine on my ipad for some reason though, I don't know what the problem is there.

Opera is nice but so unfamiliar that I haven't spent much time there. The other browsers try to emulate the best features from each other so it makes them much more useable.

Thanks for an informative hub.

CyberFreak (author) on March 14, 2012:

You are right, I did not even know this browser you are talking about in your hub. It seems worth checking out and I might try it soon.

btcminer on March 14, 2012:

You have neglected another very impressive browser which is totally controlled by the keyboard

CyberFreak (author) on March 09, 2012:

Thank you for your comment.

In my opinion, Firefox remains the most popular Internet browser. It might not be in numbers, because IE is very high (due to being bundled in Windows) and Chrome downloads are always increasing, bit it has been around for way longer than Chrome, it has offered innovative features and has gained a huge number of fans.

I might not be right in stating this, but in my opinion, Chrome has gained a big piece of the browsers downloads pie just because it is a Google product, and as one, it gains extreme publicity.

Alfred Amuno from Kampala on March 09, 2012:

I am wondering what you mean by Firefox being the most popular browser. Hope this does not mean that it translates to numbers. Actually like you put it yourself, IE still wins big given that it comes pre-loaded with Windows. Many users do not actually to install alternative browsers. Google Chrome has actually been the second best in recent times, only getting 'allegedly' surpassed by Firefox in the last month because of some coding within the browser: this according to Net App.

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