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Which AV Cable Is Suitable for My Electronic Device?

AV cable is a cable used to connect audio equipment to video equipment. The audio signal travels through the AV cable to an output device like a television. AV cable is used both at home and in the office.

Audio and Video cable otherwise called AV cable is a cable used to link audio and videos. It comes in different forms as it varies in the number of sound channels, video channels, and power signals.

Types of AV Cable

Audio and video cable comes in different forms, which include:

  • Radio Corporation of America
  • Coaxial Audio and Video Cable
  • S-Video Cables
  • Video Graphics Array
  • The Digital Video Interface
  • High Definition Multimedia Interface

The Radio Corporation of America

Also called RCA, the Radio Corporation of America cable is one of the oldest audio and video cables.

The cable which came into existence around the 1940s is still in use. RCA is a good match for standard definition (SD) devices like DVD players, gaming consoles, and cable boxes.


Radio Corporation of America cable is of three parts - red, white, and yellow.

The red part of the cable takes care of the right audio channel; The white part of the cable takes care of the left audio channel, while the yellow part of the cable displays video.

Wrong use or insertion of the cable's parts would lead to low image quality.

Coaxial Audio and Video Cable

This type of AV cable is commonly used in the cable industry. It is capable of transmitting audio and video from the cable supplier to the cable box.

S-Video Cables

This is a video cable that brightens and improves the color signal of output devices. The cable is good for televisions without a high-definition multimedia interface to assist the quality of an image.

Video Graphics Array

Otherwise called VGA, the video graphics array cable is used to display video from a central processing unit to a monitor.

The capacity of this analog cable could display RGB video on-screen but can't be as good as high definition multimedia interface and digital video interface cables.

This type of audio and video cable is good for desktop computers manufactured between 1990 and 2010. The VGA is an alternative cable for computers that are not HDMI or DVI enabled.

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The Digital Video Interface

The digital video interface cable uses similar technology to high-definition multimedia interface cables.

It produces a high-quality image from the central processing unit to the monitor, though it can't produce sound, just like a VGA cable.

If the audio must play, then you have to connect your computer to an audio input with a 3.5mm audio cable.


High Definition Multimedia Interface

This AV cable is common among high-definition televisions. It could absorb high-definition (HD) audio and video and transmit the same to television or monitor. It could also be used in Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and computers.

High definition multimedia interface is the best among other audio and video cables because of the following features it possesses:

  • It uses one cable. This saves your home from being littered with cables.
  • The high-definition multimedia interface is capable of operating itself when no one is there to operate it.
  • It's less expensive and easy to maintain.
  • The high-definition multimedia interface comes with older audio and video formats like a digital video interface-based system and array.
  • Devices connected to the HDMI are automatically recognized by the HDMI.

AV Cable Manufacturing Industries

There are many Audio and video cable manufacturing Industries around the world. Among the notable ones are listed below:


This is the leading audio and video manufacturing industry in the world.

It deals mainly with audio connectors receptacles such as plugs, speakers, power connectors, jacks, etc. Neutrik as a manufacturing industry designs and markets audio, coaxial, power, and circular connectors.


This AV manufacturer is one of the highest manufacturing industries in the world. It does not only manufacture AV cables, but it also deals with telecommunication, computer, medical, etc.

Its products, audio and video connectors have a large number of customers. With the help of its domestic marketing strategy, and the interconnected manufacturers' representatives, as well as independent distributors, Switchcraft distributes its products across the globe.


This is another big player in the audio and video connectors manufacturing industry in the world.

Rean products come with great design and reliable functionality.



This is another big wig in the audio and video connectors industry. It creates, designs, produces, and markets its products. It deals with coaxial and flat ribbon cables, electrical and electronic as well as fiber optic connectors. Amphenol's target markets include, but are not limited to cable TV, cellular telephone, data communication, and information processing system.


Kobiconn is the home of phone plugs, power inlets, power cords, terminal blocks, power jacks, and RF connectors, among others.

The industry is known for a large number of connectors it produces for consumers of electronics and commercial products.

With the various Audio and Video cables discussed here, you can easily make the right choice for your home and office appliances.

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