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When doors are open and inviting, strive to attain ultimate wisdom

And also we talk about the vital transcendental soul and love for spiritual tapings at séance, about sages in India, mentors in spirituality

In this life, we must attain the ultimate goal of achieving wisdom

There exists no grand thing that enables and purifies our Knowledge. Then how it is possible to attain Knowledge?

There exists no grand thing that enables and purifies our Knowledge. Then how it is possible to attain Knowledge?

When doors are open and inviting, strive to attain ultimate wisdom

When doors are open and inviting, strive to attain ultimate wisdom

Lord Krishna said, “there exists no grand thing that enables and purifies our Knowledge.” Then how it is possible to attain Knowledge?

Using two different statements, the answer can be given to such a great question. It means a person must have an intense Shraddha (devotion) to attain Jnana (knowledge). Shraddha is really difficult to explain, and it can be explained only by a Self-realized guru.

We are in the age to discover the importance, power, and truth behind the concept of spirituality, the reason, and the cause of enlightenment. We consistently search for sage advice and inspiration to drive away from our existing environment of sorrow, despair, and misfortune.

Maybe, these sequences are considered as divine blessings and a godsend message of fortunate things from the divine intelligence, invincible, and the supreme blessed minds. In this practical world, the elevated souls can turn and twist the events with their mystical and supernatural powers. There are enlightened people who are distinguished for their deep wisdom, safeguard our people and the country from possible calamities and unavoidable destruction, while several other people fail to be of great use to make their existence safe and peaceful in this delightful land. Further, we explore the prime transcendental Atma, our soul to express our attachment to spiritual measure to obtain a spiritualistic message, concerning Indian sages, spiritual mentors, and philosophers.

The learning and gaining knowledge in this new age of spiritual existence has no limits. The vast spiritual knowledge and power epitomize an enlightenment condition. It clearly emphasizes that our spirit, mind, and body are consistently interconnected and they form a unity and oneness in this universe. The natives of Asian inhabitants agree that there is the vast spiritual energy coming from the external environment to enter our bodies through our mentally secured space. The Psychic, clairvoyants, spiritualist has created various capabilities out of their inner power and they can clearly observe their surroundings through the third eye. When all regions are engrossed in inequity, this planet will be strained under the dire state of imbalance, guilty of desecrating moral deeds, to plunge into a condition of peccancy, where a human awareness linked with the will, trust, feelings, and mind are bungled violating laws of religions and moral values, creating the misfortune and proceedings can accompany to turn into the calamitous consequences of ill-nature. Under these situations, when the mind disagrees with our personal views and thoughts, our life will be entangled in internal conflicting ideas to obtain peace and yet unable to identify proper values and reasons. It seems, there is no other way out, but to admit defeat and submit to the supreme power, the life force, which is managing and scheming the universe the cosmos, and everything unknown. Or else, as per the divine rule of nature, one must perform certain mysterious acts to develop a character of purity to purify the minds of several persons and the entire surroundings in general. That will bring a precarious situation to exert our mind power to develop harmonious sequences to purify the regions from all sins.

The people trying to gain knowledge must read gradually to absorb the subtle values of divine feeling. His aura has the strength to stimulate interest to lend zest, bliss, and contentment that appeals to everyone. When you observe thoughtfully and exhibit clear reverence, and consider the subject has used the proper approach to create curiosity in all practical ways, concerning life’s reflection, intuition, and inspiration in this existing scenario to result in divine destiny and space beyond. It is astute advice to say that the lavish ways of living to continue living this human life on earth and obtaining the delight in this material world in aesthetic pleasure make it necessary to strenuously determine to tone it down. The true realm of human existence can be attained and it is pleasantly true. The moment such changes keep ringing indicates that there is a certain brightness to lead us, and obviously, it is a clear indication that there is bound to be a clear change to improve. It connotes a beginning of awakening appeal, to alter and improve our approach and outlook, and enlarge our sensitive nature of the prevailing circumstances.

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Our capability and potential are gauged by our mind's sense, and the entire mysterious power within forms the strong grip on our subconscious state of mind, which is the main seat of judgment and the faculty of reason.

Soul AfterLife

This complete material existence exemplifies fascination to captivate human minds demonstrating the material supremacy throughout, and human beings consider them to be the highly gorgeous things that can ever occur to human survival. Under these situations, the real-life continues to operate on two fundamental diverse constituents, good and evil, while only two ideal ways to lead our life successfully; the first is as though nothing is a miracle and another is as though everything is a miracle, nothing in between.

We are here to portray a collected work of life and death that also concerns life after death. The door of entry to our mind had been closed so far and we are trying to open it at this present moment. There are bound to be unheard and unseen mystifying episodes likely to be seen at this stage. Only such invigorating thoughts can direct us towards the human soul within, and this migrating moment can vibrate your former belief. Regarding this subject matter, everyone may also get induced to believe with astonishment how the soul of the dead can possibly do. It is also a strange feeling to know how well our soul will perform, after death, thinking that, it will start drifting around the earth and may reappear in the different body taking rebirth. When all the aspirations of the past life appear to be accomplished, there are certain unfulfilled desires left behind. This may be due to certain strange phenomenon prohibited him from satisfying his wish.

There is an overall belief that every soul has gone through the cycle of rebirths and hence had to pass through infinite birth-death cycles to arrive at the existing human form.

Hence, they make several attempts to strengthen the solidarity, creating a thread of unity and oneness to connect the Divine. Therefore, our soul undergoes quite a lot of rebirths repeated without attaining spiritual rise, and eventually, after gaining knowledge of several births, we get closer to knowing and understanding the supreme lord.

Ekam Sat, Viprah Bahudha Vadanti. It means, "There is one truth, but learned people interpret it in a different manner."

There is one eternal truth. Everyone wants to be set free, liberated, and enlightened from this earthly calamity and evil forever. Yet, many people often become the victims to carry out bizarre, outrageous, and unearthly acts and eventually fall prey to various desires of an unusual kind.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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