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What You Need to Know and Be Able to Work as an Android Developer

In the article on choosing an Android developer , we discussed several points that make developing for this platform special.

Choosing an Android developer

In the article on choosing an Android developer, we discussed several points that make developing for this platform special. Among them are fragmentation, multiple versions of the operating system and system API, and customization. All of these are routine problems, whose presence should not affect your decision to become an Android developer. To take them for granted, you should master the fundamental knowledge, of which I have compiled a list as much as possible.

It is important to understand that this is only the initial level of knowledge of Android development. You can go to a higher level only through experience and efforts in a long period of time. Much of the knowledge comes from contemporary articles and discussions. And sometimes it’s worth putting aside shyness and just asking colleagues for advice in order to save your time.

Our department has collected these sources of knowledge over the years of studying theory, which smoothly turned into practice. If you are looking for a team to develop an Android application and trust our experience, then follow the link and fill out the form so that we contact you for a free consultation.


How to get started with Android app development?

  1. Android Developer Profession Course by Skillbox followed by a Job Guarantee
  2. Training for Android developers - native training documentation from Google for a novice Android developer
  3. StartAndroid is a great set of lessons in Russian. Contains a wide list of detailed examples and video tutorials with comments on key points. Probably the best way to understand the development ideology, get acquainted with the terms and concepts, and quickly become a beginner android developer.
  4. course by Alexander Klimov, with which you will master Android development in 5 months. It is a great addition to
  5. The Android Tutorial is a brochure to learn about the basic concepts and notations in Android. After it, reading any documentation should be a little easier.
  6. A set of simple cheat sheets and examples of working with various Android components. In general, the material is old, but many things in the platform have not changed for years. In any case, it will be a good start for a young developer.
  7. Vogella Tutorials is a blog from Android Eclipce expert Lars Vogel in English. Excellent detailed examples, algorithms, patterns and much more.
  8. course "Development for Android" on Hexlet. 136 video lessons, tests and homework. Teacher - Vitaly Nepochatov. Course dated December 19, 2013.
  9. Android Development for Beginners course on Udacity for complete beginners. It can be taken for free - Udacity is trying in every possible way to force you to click on the paid button, but if you look closely and read what is written on the screen, you can see how to start the course without paying.
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  • Subreddit about Android development. Reddit is the best source of one-day information in the Android world. All articles and links can be replaced by a subscription to Reddit, but you will have to follow the incoming information every day.
  • Entries tagged Android in Medium. In particular, keep track of updates from people on this list.
  • Square Open Source:
  • Github
  • Twitter
  • Square Developer and Android Evangelist Jesse Wilson on Twitter
  • Wilson colleague Jake Wharton is also on twitter
  • Google Developers:
  • site
  • YouTube channel
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Android Weekly:
  • site
  • Twitter
  • Lars Vogel on social media:
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter developer Xavier Ducroquet
  • Useful libraries list. Compiled and constantly updated by the whole world
  • Examples of UI patterns:
  • Inspired UI
  • Android App Patterns

Our knowledge grows every year, which allows us to quickly and confidently solve familiar problems for new clients and master Android development trends. We have developed and continue to support many applications from the fields of eCommerce, retail, fashion and beauty, tourism and education. And it is possible that we have already done a project similar to yours. You can order a free consultation by filling out a special form.


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