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What Is the Best & Fastest Browser? Browser Reviews:

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Since Windows 1998, I have used, abused and experimented with over 100 browsers available.

Browsers are like vehicles, you want to travel fast, securely and in style with lots of cool features. Test-drive new browsers and observe their performances.

The browser I use depends on my journey. A change of browser can result in better performance, faster page loading and videos that buffer seamlessly. If you do decide to use a different browser, you'll soon notice how different they each perform, from surfing the web, plug-ins, extensions, page scrolling to variations in performance, speed, and more.

 .Which browser is the worlds best?

.Which browser is the worlds best?

Table of Contents

  • What is the best and fastest browser?
  • Firefox Reviews
  • Microsoft Edge Reviews
  • Opera Reviews
  • Safari Reviews
  • Google Chrome Reviews
  • What is the Best & Fastest Browser? My Answer
  • Poll: Which browser do you prefer?

What is the best and fastest browser?

What's good for the goose, may not be good for the gander. Let's say John and Jane test drives every available browser. John may decide that Firefox is the best browser while Jane is sure that Internet Explorer is the best. Who is correct? Answer: Both! That's because the best browser is the one that meets their needs and more importantly, their devices.

For example. If every member of your household had the same PC and specifications, they would still never agree on which browser is the best. Why? Because each PC user will have their desktop customised with fancy visual gimmicks and so on. The add-ons and tool-bars they each install, aming many other factors will determine the speed of a browser.

Testing browsers on different computers will invariably have different results due to each PCs processor speed - the amount of Ram each one has, and the amount of free disk space on each hard drive.

One of the most common browsers used today is Internet Explorer. Many people think there are no others - but there are, and better. So, what exactly is the best and fastest browser?

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Continue: What is the best and fastest browser?

Having the right browser makes using the Internet easier, because not all browsers are compatible with every website you visit. Most times you won't even realise what you're not seeing.

Each browser will have tools and gimmicks that are unique. Whichever new browser you decide to instal and use, never uninstall any existing browsers your PC has, because it's best to keep it for when you're having problems with any new browser you've installed.

What is the best browser to use in a Mac is a common question. Aside from Safari, Camino, Firefox, Flock and Opera all perform well. Again, it's all about user preference. Try them and see what you prefer.

The top 5 most used browsers are listed In NO particular order -----  Is it time to update your browser?

The top 5 most used browsers are listed In NO particular order ----- Is it time to update your browser?



Firefox Reviews

Firefox has improved it's tabbed interface, pop-up blocker/built-in multiple search tools and built-in RSS reader. The privacy mode is very private.

If you need an extension for something, the Firefox extension capabilities are extensive, and the many themes are easy to use. It has enhanced security features to protect you against all kinds of malware, spyware and phishing sites, and handles very nicely. It's easy for all ages to use and a very stable browser.

  • Supports; Windows / Mac / Linux.

More information and download Firefox:

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Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge Reviews - previously called Windows Internet Explorer

Edge, by Microsoft is available for Windows 10. Edge has had major improvements than its predecessor, and about time too!

With Edge, you'll notice a better design, improved tracking protection, tabbed browsing and major improvements to its security and all overall features.

Although it does lack the array of extensions which Firefox and Chrome have, it's still a highly used and popular browser. Not that I would ever recommend it.

Supports: Windows.

  • More information & download Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.
  • More information & Download Edge browser.



Opera Reviews

Opera is a highly respected web browser that competes very well with its competitors. It offers many unique features such as using Opera with your voice. Its mouse gestures make navigating back and forward pages handy. Double-click on any word and it gives you an option to either 'Copy; 'Search' or 'Send to My Flow'.

The thousands of widgets and third-party extensions are very useful. The 'Unite' feature that allows users to share files and photos, communicate with other users, chat, and host your website directly on your computer is very impressive.

Its 'social sidebar' has one-click access to services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

More importantly, Opera has improved its security, allowing a safer and more stable surfing experience. It auto-loads the page when the Internet has been interrupted. Overall, it's a very good-looking browser, performs very well and a must-have in your arsenal of browsers and a browser.

  • Supports: Windows / Solaris / Intel / QNX / Mac OS / Linux / FreeBSD / BeOS.
  • Opera is also available for PC / Tablet / Mac / Blackberry / Windows phone / ipad / Kindle Fire & other mobile devices..
  • More information and download Opera:



Safari Reviews

Safari web browser is pre-installed on many devices which make it one of the world's most widely used browsers.

Scan through large thumbnails of the pages you have visited which is particularly useful when you can't remember the URL but can remember an image or what it looks like. The Reading List allows you to save web pages for offline viewing.

Safari uses machine learning to identify advertisers and others who track your online behaviour. The Fraudulent Sites option warns you when a website is unsafe to visit.

It has a nice interface and a decent number of extensions. It performs very well and is a lightweight application.

Further development could make Safari a real contender in the browser wars, although they do have one of the best customer services and support.

  • Supports Mac / Windows / Linux. Safari is also available for PCs / Tablet's / Android / IOS 7 / iPhone / iPod touch and other devices.
  • More information & download Safari.