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What Is the Best Samsung Smartphone to Buy in 2022?

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The Top 3 Samsung Smartphones In 2022

Even if it is increasingly titillated by Chinese players such as Xiaomi who sometimes chip away at its number one place, Samsung nevertheless remains one of the most powerful and innovative companies on the market. This leadership obviously comes with a bloated range of smartphones, even if Samsung has calmed down on this point in recent years. The success of Samsung smartphones with consumers is also based, in addition to a reliable technical score, on the practicality of One UI, the home interface adapted from Android.

So we sorted it out for you and chose what the Korean manufacturer offers the most interesting. From flagship to entry-level through folding, there is something for everyone. Among the manufacturer's strengths, it is one of the few on the market to offer durable smartphones.

For a wider selection, do not hesitate to take a look at the best smartphones of the moment. Is your budget more limited?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus


Within the S22 range, the Plus iteration is undoubtedly the real nugget of the three smartphones that make up the series. The smartphone takes all the elements that make Samsung strong even if some defects are still present.

The elegant design of the Galaxy S22 Plus is certainly not compact, but the design is well worked to offer a high-level overall experience. It is especially the touch interface that should be taken into account: a 6.6-inch AMOLED panel is in place, with all the quality of Samsung's work. The brightness and the fidelity of the colors are also impeccable, a real treat for the eyes.

In terms of performance, the European version of the smartphone benefits from the Exynos 2200 chip supported by 8 GB of RAM. An implementation that is experiencing some difficulties and especially heats up a lot. The in-house One UI software, of course, based on Android, perfectly animates the whole.

On the battery side, a 4500 mAh slot is set up. The Smartphone has good battery management allowing full use during the day. The standard charge is however rather slow, which is why you will have to turn to the 45 W block, marketed by Samsung.

One last word about photography, since the triple back sensor, offers versatility in every situation, but especially successful shots in general. If it is not without flaws, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is the best high-end experience available from the manufacturer.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra


To say that the Galaxy S22 Ultra was one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2022 is a sweet understatement. After all, Samsung had done a near flawless last year: no one expected less from the Korean this year.

The first big changes are obvious with the disappearance of the prominent photo module from last year. Only now exceed the goals themselves. This, by the way, makes the phone a little more balanced in the distribution of its weight. We still remain in front of a beautiful baby that will be difficult to handle with one hand.

After retiring the Galaxy Note, however, the Korean is resuming its flagship feature with the integration of the S Pen into the phone. The latter is also more responsive than before. Technically convincing, however, it remains a bit gimmicky, unless you are already an aficionado of the functionality.

Samsung is one, if not the best mobile screen manufacturer in the world. The S22 Ultra is obviously up to the task on this point. The 6.8-inch OLED display uses an adaptive refresh rate ranging from 1 to 120 Hz. If the color coverage is amazing, the colorimetry is on the other hand very average, with a delta E of 4.57. But it is the brightness that breaks records: we measured 1050 c2 /m2!

In Europe, the S22 Ultra is equipped with an Exynos 2200, and let's not go the wrong way: Samsung's chip is once again a notch below the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Especially with regard to the GPU part, which suffers from many bugs.

Another small disappointment on the autonomy: the smartphone hardly holds a small day. This is not much, especially for such a large phone. Fortunately, charging is now faster, with the 45W charger filling the 5000 mAh in an hour.

Let's conclude with the photo, where the S22 Ultra comes without much surprise to pose as a reference. The main sensor and the ultra wide angle are amazing and the optical and digital zooms are very convincing. By tweaking a little, however, we will note some problems with night focusing with zooms.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is therefore a brilliant flagship, but imperfect. It shines on most points, but given its price, we were surely entitled to expect a phone without major flaws.

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Samsung Galaxy S22


If the Ultra versions of the main range put you off, know that Samsung also offers two other models. The Samsung Galaxy S22 is the standard version, with a more compact size and therefore easier to use with one hand. The handling and the finishes are impeccable.

Like another asset, the Samsung smartphone is equipped with a beautiful touch screen. The 6.1-inch AMOLED panel also offers a Full HD definition. It offers adaptive refresh up to 120 Hz.

However, this version of the phone also suffers from the same flaws as its older one. Namely, an internal power well below its standing. The Exynos 2200 processor, supported by 8 GB of RAM, is unconvincing on the graphics part but effective on the rest. The biggest black spot of this smartphone will probably be its autonomy too low with this small battery of 3700 mAh, which may be a problem for some.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3


Samsung continues its efforts in the field of folding phones with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The changes are less radical than with the previous model, but the Korean continues to refine a recipe that is beginning to be very successful.

From a format point of view, things change little, we are still in the presence of an imposing device, but it nevertheless loses a little weight, which facilitates the handling. The finish is also improved, with a very successful aluminum frame, Gorilla Glass Victus, and especially an IPX8 certification! The Fold finally becomes waterproof, which will greatly help its survivability.

The screen changes format very slightly, but above all gains an adaptive 120 Hz refresh rate and a photo sensor under the screen. The latter is not entirely invisible, we always notice a small spot, but it is much more discreet than the punch that we find on most phones. The smartphone is also compatible with the S Pen, but the lack of storage possibility greatly limits its usefulness.

It's all the more a pity that the software part is frankly neat. Not all apps are yet fully exploiting the possibilities of the screen, but Samsung offers a plethora of display options to counteract this little problem.

Under the hood, we find a Snapdragon 888 accompanied by 12 GB of RAM, so the performance is top-notch. The 4400 mAh battery, for its part, ensures no more than a day of autonomy, with the added bonus of a fast charge that drags on: it takes 1 h 15 to refuel. And the necessary 25 W charger is not even provided.

Despite some small flaws, mainly related to autonomy and charging, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 stands out as an excellent smartphone and proves that flexible screens are more than an interesting technical demo.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe


A true Artesian, the Galaxy S21 FE has had its release postponed by more than six months because of the numerous component shortages. So much so that it ended up landing on the stalls just a few weeks before the S22 series. Like the previous Fan Edition, the S21 FE is a smartphone that makes some compromises to pull the price down. Starting with the design that swaps metal for plastic for some parts.

The screen grows a little (6.4 inches) and is no longer curved. The slab, however, remains of excellent workmanship. The other big hardware change is based on the adoption of the Snapdragon 888 a little more powerful than the original Exynos 2100. If the power is there, the autonomy is on the other hand mediocre. We are struggling to finish the day and the fast charge of 25W (block not provided ...) is not up to the task. Nothing to complain about however in the photo, the three sensors are gifted and versatile.

Despite some weaknesses, the Galaxy S21 FE is a pleasant phone to use, but there is still a big concern: its price. At a public price of € 759, it is simply too expensive for what it offers. We will therefore only recommend it during promotions. With 100 or 200 € less, it is indeed a must.

Samsung Galaxy A53


In the mid-range sector, Samsung is trying to give the pawn to Xiaomi, which is already well positioned. With the Galaxy A53, the Korean manufacturer puts all the eggs in one basket to offer you a high-level user experience. It is simply one of the best smartphones under 500 euros, all brands combined.

First, the manufacturer remains on its fundamentals with a high-flying touch screen. It is a 6.5-inch OLED panel that is set up with a high performance for everyday use and a black-to-white treatment. In this case, you have entitled to a definition in Full HD + and a refresh rate up to 120 Hz.

The photo part of the Galaxy A53 is also well made. A quadruple back lens setup allows a beautiful shot taking. To do this, the smartphone also relies on excellent software processing for everyday tasks. Despite a more recessed night mode, the product's photo offer is complete at this price range.

It is at the level of internal power that the Samsung Galaxy A53 remains behind. Indeed, its animation is based on an Exynos 1280 processor, coupled with 6 GB of RAM. A configuration that ensures daily use without being exceptional. This little black spot is compensated by the autonomy of two days thanks to its 5000 mAh battery.

As you will have understood, this smartphone is one of our recommendations for less than 500 euros.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3


Samsung persists and signs in its opinion that flexible screen smartphones are the future. The brand is therefore returning with the third generation of Z Flip. And we must admit that things are becoming more and more convincing. The main advance of this generation: the phone is finally waterproof, an evolution that will allow it to survive the worries of everyday life much more quickly. Be careful though, if he can stand the water, he is still allergic to dust and other debris.

Progress continues on the screen, whose fold is more discreet and which now displays 120 Hz. The hinge is pleasant to use and the open /closed passage is painless. If the Snapdragon 888 is still a racing beast, the 3300 mAh battery is worth it. Count on a short day of use and the fast charge needs 90 minutes to refuel…

The photo module is less ambitious than the average, with only two sensors. The latter, however, are of good quality, with successful shots in most situations. It is a pity, however, that no telephoto lens is available.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a smartphone apart, with its share of imperfections, but an overall pleasant experience. Above all, it offers a large screen in a very compact package, something that will delight those who like to be able to store their smartphone in their pocket without cracking their slim jeans.

Samsung Galaxy A33


With the A-series from Samsung, the Korean manufacturer is looking to sell smartphones that are attractive in terms of quality/price ratio. The Samsung Galaxy A33 plays the card of pragmatism with a sober, but solid design. The plastic shell offers a guarantee of confidence coupled with the IP 67 certification. The grip is comfortable for daily use.

As always, the touch screen is also important data, even for this smartphone at less than 400 euros. The Galaxy A33 is equipped with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED panel capable of displaying Full HD+. The screen also has a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz. The experience offered on the phone is one of the best available for this price.

In the rest of the technical data sheet, the product is powered by a homemade Exynos 1280 processor coupled with 6 GB of RAM. This architecture offers an internal power suitable for everyday use. Do not count on it for powerful mobile games, however. The added value is the One UI software which offers a lot of customizations and four years of Android updates.

The photo part of the Galaxy A33 is satisfactory. These are four lenses that are placed on the back of the smartphone. The macro and depth modules are quite dispensable while the main ones are of good quality. The Samsung photo experience is immaculate even if at night, it is experiencing a little more difficulties.

The last word on autonomy, since the 5000 mAh battery offers a life span of a full day. It is completed by a very useful 25 W charge.

Choosing Your Samsung Smartphone Correctly

Who Is Samsung?

Born in 1938 in occupied Korea, Samsung (which means "three stars" in Korean) has since become a real giant whose roots go much further than simple electronic products.

This chaebol ("conglomerate" in Korean) thus builds nuclear power plants, skyscrapers, oil tankers, and weapons and offers insurance and household appliances. The conglomerate alone accounts for just under 20% of South Korea's GDP!

Since the early 2000s, Samsung has become increasingly important in the telephony market until becoming the number 1 in market share in 2012. The firm is also a major producer of components for other brands, in particular OLED screens, RAM, and NAND storage.

What Are The Strengths Of Samsung Smartphones?

In the beginning, Samsung shone above all by the very good performance/price ratio of its devices. Since then, things have changed a little and the brand is increasingly competing on this point with Chinese brands.

Samsung smartphones, however, remain references at all price levels thanks to their excellent photo quality and especially displays that can be described without batting an eye as the best on the market. Samsung screens are even present on other smartphones on the market as they are qualitative. Some innovations such as flexible screens come directly from the Korean laboratories.

Generally speaking, Samsung, therefore, offers the most popular Android phones on the market and especially a range of very balanced smartphones in several price segments. They are not necessarily the ones that offer the most impressive technical data sheet, but invariably prove to be reliable and pleasant to use (especially thanks to One UI, the adapted Android OS).

What Are The Ranges Of Samsung Smartphones?

At first, reserved for the high-end, the qualifier "Galaxy" is now used by all smartphones of the brand. The range is therefore distinguished according to the letter that follows :

  • Galaxy S: the top of the range
  • Galaxy Z: foldable smartphones
  • Galaxy A (Alpha): the mid-range
  • Galaxy M (Millennial): the entry-level

You will no doubt have noticed, but for a few months, the range of Notes at Samsung has completely disappeared. On the occasion of MWC 2022, the manufacturer confirmed the absorption of the range within the Galaxy S Ultra.

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