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What is a welding generator and what determines its value?

Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, industrial engineer, mother of two, and published sci-fi and horror author.

What are Welding Generators?

Welding generators create power for welding without reliance on the grid. Fill up the fuel tank, and the welding generator can produce the power for your welding equipment. This is essential for working at construction sites, farms, ranches and on service trucks that must work when the grid power is down.

Welding generators can produce both AC and DC current. Welding generators can create 10,000 watts of power or more for welding equipment. A 250 amp power flow supports stick welding and wire welding. Use a 300 amp welding generator for tig welding. Use a welding generator with 11,000 watts or more to support a plasma cutter. Verify that the welding generator for sale provides the current that you need before you buy it.

Some models of welding generators, also called welder/generators, can also be used as stand-alone generators. When you see a welding generator for sale, find out if it can also act as a generator. This doubles its value when the welder generator can replace a generator, saving you space and eliminating the need to spend money on a separate power generator.

If you aren’t welding, use the power to run work lights at a construction site, provide emergency power for rescue equipment or jumping a car motor. Or use the generator to provide power to other power tools when the power is down.

Pricing of Welding Generators

Pricing for welding generators varies on the power output it can produce and the unit's size. Generally, larger units are more expensive. When you see a welding generator for sale, find out how many hours it has already run.

This is equivalent to the mileage on a car, and units with more operational hours are worth less than those units that have rarely been run. Welding generators that come on their own trailers tend to cost more than those that must be installed on a trailer. The more tooling that comes with the welding generator, the more valuable the unit.

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