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What is a File Server and what is a File Server Used For


What is a File Server: Article Summary

This article contains the definition of a File Server in a client-server model network. The use of dedicated file server and non-dedicated file server, how file servers are accessed in a LAN or in a wireless environment, its importance as well as the uses of a file server in answer to what the file server used for.

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Definition of a File Server

File server is very useful especially for those individuals who have lots of files that need to be stored and be accessed anytime, anywhere in a secured place. This file server is also commonly used in both small-medium enterprises and large businesses because of its capability to centralize all the files that is used inside a network. Given that, what is the definition of a file server? Since, we already have an idea of what a file server is, it is just actually a device that is attached in a network mainly for storing files and no other. It does not run any other programs for the clients to use, all it has to do is to organized and keep the important files of an individual, organization or company and provide access to the clients’ computer whenever it is needed according to the limitations set by the file owner or administrator. File servers can be both accessed in a wired networking or wireless networking. In a wired networking or in a Local Area Network (LAN), file servers are being accessed either via Windows protocols (with windows operating system) or Unix protocols (with Unix or Unix-like operating system). While, in a wireless networking, the file can be accessed via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The cost of file servers depends on how big the memory the administrator wants to use. Memory ranges from hundreds of Gigabytes (GB) to as large as TeraBytes (TB), 1 TB is equal to 1024 GB. Furthermore, file servers can also be dedicated or non-dedicated. A dedicated file server is more powerful than a non-dedicated file server in terms of data storage and accessibility, because its function is more concentrated as file storage than that of a non-dedicated one. Aside from that it has a workstation that is attached to it. Workstations are computers with high-performance in computing and various applications.

What is a File Server Used For

Since, file server is mainly used for efficient data storage such as text files, spreadsheets, graphs, videos, pictures and any kinds of media, it is very important to have this kind of server for a company, organizations, and/or individuals who have large properties of files. One reason is the accessibility of any files when it is needed, someone does not need to go to a certain computer where he saved the files when necessity comes. The administrator can also manipulate who can access those files and decide what files is accessible for everybody and for certain group of people inside a network. When it comes to that, this kind of thing is very important to companies especially when we talk about privacy and authority. One last thing, do not ever confuse file server to database server, because database server is different to that of file server though they are both for data storage. File servers contain only static files or that which already made, there are no need for interfaces and no frontend and backend systems involved, opposite to what the database server has.

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