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What is Sherpa Software, and Which Sherpa Software Am I Using?

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The term Sherpa refers to Himalayan mountain guides. The term Sherpa has expanded to mean anyone who guides others through difficult or unknown territory. Sherpa can also refer to someone who takes you to undiscovered heights. This has led to several different companies using the term Sherpa relative to their software. What is Sherpa software, and which Sherpa software are you using?

One Sherpa software app is used to find food or entertainment within a specified radius, another Sherpa software application manages digital drawings and documents while a third vendor’s Sherpa software controls and stores email correspondence. The term Sherpa and email can also refer to a major email and social marketing research group, though they do not sell software for this purpose.

Sherpa PDM

Sherpa Product Data Management or Sherpa PDM is a software tool used to manage drawings, change notices, documents and production data.

Sherpa PDM contains as-designed data, the information related to the product's design, manufacture and test. Sherpa PDM includes change management and configuration management. Sherpa PDM does not perform product verification or record inventory as it is pulled, assembled and shipped.

Sherpa PDM generates notices of necessary actions like reviewing and approving work authorizations that are stored in an "in box" and can be set up to send out emails to users when tasks are assigned to them by the PDM workflow. Sherpa PDM can act as a data vault, storing documents while restricting access to only those with the appropriate roles. The Sherpa PDM software is now owned and supported by Siemens. Sherpa PDM software completes with PTC’s Windchill PDMLink in the Product Lifecycle Management or PLM market.

Sherpa PDM software can store drawings, documents and models.

Sherpa PDM software can store drawings, documents and models.

Sherpa Email Software

Sherpa Software is a company that sells software used for email management, email archiving, electronic discovery or e-discovery and records compliance. Sherpa Software sells tools that enforce email compliance and policy enforcement, such as preventing messages related to a topic from being deleted or being sent to someone outside of the company.

Sherpa software also searches the content of emails to create logs of emails relevant to a specific topic. The Sherpa email log is accessible to anyone who wants to identify messages for further review, electronic discovery or archival. Sherpa Software's Archive Attender archives emails and message attachments in an external device so that messages are not lost if the main message server crashes. Sherpa Software's Archive Attender works with both Microsoft and Lotus Notes email servers.

Geodelic Sherpa App

The Sherpa app locates restaurants and entertainment venues. This app is also called Geodelic because the Sherpa app was created by Geodelic Systems. The Geodelic / Sherpa app lets you search by the type of food the restaurant serves or by distance from a specified location. For example, it is 5 PM and you want Chinese food.

Access the Sherpa App on your T-Mobile Android smart phone and query for all of the Chinese joints within a block of your current location. Or step off the train and search for entertainment options similar to those you've selected in the past within a short walk of your current location and due to start shortly. The Geodelic Sherpa App was originally released to Android users on the T-Mobile network. The Geodelic Sherpa App for Apple iPhone users was released in 2010.

Marketing Sherpa and Email Marketing

Marketing Sherpa is not a software application per se, but the company does offer advice on how to tailor marketing emails, social marketing campaigns and other sales campaigns. Marketing Sherpa offers advice and releases publications on email marketing as well as other sales techniques.

The Marketing Sherpa group releases a Marketing-Sherpa E-mail Marketing Benchmark study periodically. The Marketing Sherpa offers a Marketing Sherpa Viral Award and Viral Marketing Hall of Fame.


Simone Haruko Smith from San Francisco on July 26, 2012:

Huh, I had never heard of sherpa software before reading this Hub! Thanks for the introduction.

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