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What is Elementor Plugin? a Complete Guide for Beginners

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Looking back, building a website was only for professional developers. Does that mean that you and I, who do not have much knowledge of coding, cannot create a website? Times have changed for good now. You can effectively build your website within a few hours only. One of the best ways to build a website is the Elementor plugin.

In this post, you will learn what Elementor plugin is and how you can use it.


What is Elementor Plugin

Elementor is presently the most loved page builder plugin. It is a drag and drop type of tool that allows you to design a website live. It provides a visual editor with which you can see the changes that you have made.

With the help of Elementor, you can design attractive and dynamic websites. The plugin can be used to control the entire website such as changing fonts, adding new fields, customizing sections, and uploading images and videos.

It provides a visual screen from where anything can be done, and the biggest advantage of it is that you don't have to write a single code. Simply drag and drop a section or element where you want it to appear.

Why Use It

Let's say you need a website, and you go for the Elementor. Just install it on your website and select a theme suitable for your business. It gives you a large number of widgets so you can drag and make them into life. You don’t need to know any coding knowledge to perform as a developer. Your mind just needs to get a little creative and you will end up with a stunning website.

Free or Paid

Yes, of course. Elementor is absolutely free. WordPress being an open-source platform comes with free features to create a website. If you require advanced features then you can enhance its functionality by purchasing its paid version.

How to Install Elementor

Installing the Elementor plugin is not a big task. It is very simple like other plugins. WordPress provides a couple of different ways to install a plugin on your website such as uploading a .Zip file via the dashboard, by clicking on to Add New button, and pasting the downloaded file into FTP.

But in this guide, we will install it through the WordPress dashboard which is quick and simple to understand.

  • Open your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins then Add New.
  • Now click on the search bar and type the name of the plugin.
  • After this, find the exact result for the plugin.
  • Now click on Install and then Activate.

Interface of the Plugin

The interface of the plugin is extremely easy. Each section and element is pretty simple and easy to understand. Each element has a name. Let's say you need a title then all you have to do is drag an element where it says Heading and drop it in the correct place.

Simple and within seconds!


Blocks, Pages and Templates

Elementor plugin offers a wide range of ready-made pages, blocks, and themes. You can choose one from them if you’re not good at design.

Suppose you want to create an About page for your website, go to Add Template then Pages and click on the Insert button and the entire page will be copied to your website.

This way you can use it for free and develop an engaging yet elegant website.


Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive design is considered to be a big thing. But you don’t have to worry if you are designing your website with this plugin. It has in-built functionality to make your website responsive for mobile and tab devices.

In addition, you can change the default settings as needed. If you want to delete, hide, or change an element, you can do it with just one click.


In this post, I have shared all about the Elementor Page Builder plugin such as how it works and what it is. So, as always, I must say that if there is an issue related to installing it, here I am!

Elementor page builder plugin is the simplest way to craft your website, but at the same time, I would say that creating a website with Element is not so easy if you are not fully aware of it. If you need any assistance, I am a web developer and have been designing websites with Elementor for three years now, I would be happy to assist you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Amit Masih

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