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What if the Internet was never Invented

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Will things be the same without the internet?

We live today in a world where we are very dependent on computers and the internet. Formerly made for military purposes, the internet has been part of everyone’s lives. From social websites to online libraries, the internet has been and still is a very useful invention. But what if it was not invented?

If the internet suddenly disappears today, it would be a disaster. It is the next worse thing to a world-wide EMP which would wipe out all electronics. But that’s because we are so reliant to it since it is already invented. If it’s not invented we would be reliant on other things but a lot of things would be gone. This is what will happen:

No more Google

Google is a very useful tool and a lot of people rely on its services – the webmaster tools, analytics and adsense. Of course, if there was no internet you wouldn’t need webmaster tools and analytics but a very huge amount of people need adsense. Advertisers and companies and people wanting their product known would’ve lost a lot of audience. And people who make money out of placing ads in their site, including people who submit articles to sites like, would have needed to find some other way of making money.

There are no more search engines. There are no easy ways to finish a school assignment. We would have to dig in books more than we ever did.

No more Emails

There will be no more spam but we won’t be able to communicate with important people who are far away unless we are willing to pay an expensive amount for long-distance calls or wait ages for post mail to arrive. Personally, I’d rather pay expensive call rates than rely on the slow and unsure post office. That also would be lost profit for Yahoo and Google for their premium mail services. That’s lost profit too for spammers, phishers and hackers.

No more Online Games

There will be less computer addicts since World of Warcraft would not have existed. Diablo 3 will be an offline game which will delight thousands of fans who think Diablo3 is better of being an offline single player game rather than a MMROPG masquerading as an online single player. I’m one of those people but I’d rather have the internet.

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No more Online Videos

No Youtube means less entertainment. We’ll probably go back to watching movies on DVD players if that happens. We would also have lost our chance to watch episodes of our favorite TV series that we missed. Luckily, these are sold per season somewhere. Without the internet, these would be hard to find so, if that happens, people would be out more – not enjoying nature but looking for specific DVD copies of shows.

There will be less pornography! And parents will feel much safer giving their sons video capable devices with internet access. There will be no irritating pop-ups since “browsing” would have not existed. There will be less virus spreading around and antivirus softwares will be less expensive.

No more Pirated Software

There will be Less DRM applied to software and developers will have made more money. However, more people will have been ignorant to high end software and the popularity of open source will have increased. There will still be pirates but they, including their work, would have just become harder to detect.

Surely a world without the internet is very, very different. It’s more like a nightmare than just another dimension. Fortunately, we have the internet and we are benefiting from it. The worst that we need to fear of today are market crashes and EMPs.



temptor94 on May 09, 2015:

We just can't imagine life without the internet now, it has become so indispensable. No more online money transactions, hence no chances of getting snooped or getting your password/sensitive information hacked. Indeed, what would we do without Google :) For everything unknown, we open up Google first thing. Not that books are so bad, but reading through piles of information definitely takes much more time and may not even be what we are looking for. Cool hub!

toooj on January 30, 2015:


AsterCLinn from South Africa on February 02, 2013:

I've been thinking about the creation of a new, privately-owned Internet which will, in time, generate hundreds of thousands of virtual contractor employment opportunities, e.g., for students and adults of all ages. And as I plan to write a hub on this subject soon, I hope you'll look out for it.

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