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What can you expect from a Virtual Executive Assistant?

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Hire a Virtual Assistant


What is a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants can render invaluable services to the corporate world by executing both routine and core assignments sans the costs of a permanent employee. Managers can deploy virtual assistants to aid and abet their workforce in performing tasks that are specific to a job role by ensuring standard operating procedures are followed This article will focus on the benefits that one can look forward to from a virtual assistant and how to go about getting one.

An office or administrative assistant performing their tasks remotely is essentially a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can be hired for performing routine online office work, including replying to emails and calendar management.

Most virtual assistants have a niche in a certain domain or have vast know-how of particular software or program. They are resourceful for businesses that need labor to perform a specific task from time to time but do not necessarily require a part-time or full-time employee.

A local art supply store, for example, may recruit a virtual assistant for responding to email queries as well as queries related to order supplies. As it’s a small size store, there isn’t any requirement for a permanent human resources personnel. The virtual assistant’s niche may be human resources, so the store gets help with the paperwork related to the new hire as well as leave.

As virtual assistants are normally freelancers or remote contractors, most of them prefer working part-time or flextime for several businesses. Working flextime essentially means working the morning, day, or night shift.

Virtual assistant services

Varied bespoke and invaluable virtual assistant services are offered that are an asset to any organization.

Email Management

If a business has only one email inbox where all emails are routed then a virtual assistant can help by organizing received mail and reply to simple requests.

Customer Service

A virtual assistant handling customer service in any organization manages a vital operation as they answer telephonic, email, and online messaging queries of clients. They can reply to queries regarding a product or service or even troubleshoot if required.

Social Media Management

A robust social media footprint results in the targeted audience being increasingly aware of a certain business’s presence, leading to revenue generation exponentially. A virtual assistant specializing in developing content for social media can consistently create relevant posts on their client’s social media accounts.

Event Management

Event management is about the coordination of most services, including RSVP guests, venue rental, and catering. It’s the job of a virtual assistant to help its clients find appropriate services and ensure all client events operate seamlessly.

Graphic Design

Graphic design that portrays and reflects the goal and objective of marketing a product or a service can be utilized for developing compelling marketing copy. A proficient graphic design assistant, for example, maybe hired to design logos for product advertisements.

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Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

Businesses are benefited from hiring virtual assistants as they get additional workforce as and when they require, akin to temporary personnel. The reasons virtual assistants might work for an organization are


Employees may dedicate a huge part of their time executing mundane tasks. Employers can pay a virtual assistant to perform simple operations so that the full-time employees can concentrate on core operations.


As virtual assistants work remotely, they hardly need brick and mortar buildings to work out of. Employers can rest assured that the virtual assistant can indeed work virtually.


As the mode of working is telecommuting for virtual assistants employers don’t have to get any hardware at all. Virtual assistants typically work on their PCs and relevant software for performing their tasks.


To be able to utilize a virtual assistant for a project or on a seasonal basis results in the reduction of operating costs. The employer may determine the length of the contract and whether the virtual assistant must work full-time or part-time.

How to find the right Virtual Assistant

The procedure for hiring a virtual assistant is akin to a full-time employee. Employers may not be able to conduct a typical interview therefore it is recommended to create an application process online in real-time including

Creating a Job Description

As virtual assistants can execute varied tasks, employers are required to create an itemized list of tasks that the virtual assistant is expected to perform along with any tools or software that the virtual assistant ought to know.


If the virtual assistant shortlisted for hiring has special skills, employers ought to ensure that they are proficient by testing them. If, for example, a proofreader is required, then their knowledge of spelling and grammar can be tested. For marketing emails, for example, the quality can be tested as well.


The interview of a virtual assistant can be conducted through a voice or a video call. Although they would be a remote team member, employers ought to ensure they are equipped to work with the full-time permanent workforce. Employers may have queries regarding the work hours of virtual assistants and their availability schedule. Employers also need to ensure that the qualifications of virtual assistants match or fulfill their requirements.


So that the virtual assistant is successful, the onus is on employers to provide appropriate training. All training has to be performed online therefore it is necessary to use screen sharing tools as well as video calls making the process relatively easy.

How can I manage my virtual assistant?

It is imperative to sustain a friendly relationship with a virtual assistant. These tips help manage a virtual employee:

Regular Meetings

Scheduling bi-weekly or weekly meetings to answer any queries a virtual assistant may have and reviewing progress on projects underway are all tasks that employers need to do. Scheduling meetings regularly enables learning for virtual assistants and they may be more at ease with their job.

Virtual Assistant jobs for beginners

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