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What to Expect During Apple WWDC Event

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New details of what to expect from iOS 16 have surfaced in advance of the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that will be held by Apple on June 6. According to leaks that were revealed by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, users of iOS should be prepared to see new features, like as an enhanced lock screen, as well as updated first-party applications, such as Messages and Health, upgrades to alerts, iPad multitasking capabilities, and other improvements.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will pay special attention to the lock screen this time around. The lock screen is a chunk of under utilized real estate that presently simply displays the date, time, and icons to start the Flashlight or Camera applications.

The report referred to the upgrade of the program as "pretty large," which is noteworthy in light of the fact that the last two versions also had improvements of a sizeable nature. As an example, iPhone users gained support for home screen widgets with the release of iOS 14, which sparked a home screen customization craze that has continued to this day, with widget and theme apps such as Brass, Themify, ScreenKit, and others continuing to dominate the charts in the Graphics and Design category. Focus Modes, on the other hand, were introduced with the iOS 15 update that was released a year ago. These modes provide a new method for controlling when and by whom you are permitted to be interrupted.

A redesigned Messages app with more "social networking-like capabilities" is one of the other enhancements that are said to be coming with iOS 16. This upgrade may involve some type of revision to how audio messages are handled.

The iPhone's Focus Mode is a feature that wasn't discussed, but there is room for enhancement in its functionality. Many people who have attempted to set up Focus Mode have ended up missing important calls and texts, as well as critical notifications, that had come in via numbers or apps that hadn't been allowed to punch through "Do Not Disturb" settings for the given mode. While this is a sound concept in theory, in practice many people who have tried to set up Focus Mode have ended up missing these types of communications. Setting up Focus Mode requires a lot of work as well; what could be better, perhaps, would be a Siri-powered Focus Mode that asks users to train the setting over a period of time, allowing it to learn what you consider to be important as opposed to a distraction for particular times of "focus," such as your workday or personal time. Setting up Focus Mode requires a lot of work as well; however, setting up Focus Mode requires a lot of work. Siri might also recommend Focus Modes depending on how you already use applications on your phone or how often and when you "mute" alerts from certain apps. This information could be gleaned from how you interact with your phone's notifications.

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According to the rumour, Apple plans to provide support for wallpapers in iOS 16 that have characteristics similar to those of widgets. This would suggest that Apple is thinking on incorporating the "Today View" and its collection of widgets straight into the lock screen itself. Currently, the "Today View" is located to the left of the home screen. This makes sense given that the Today View is designed to provide quick access to information that you may want throughout the day. Examples of this include future calendar appointments, the current weather, and widgets that can be touched to launch preferred applications. Many users don't bother to swipe to the right in order to get the Today View since doing so is still required in order to access it. This makes the Today View difficult to access.

The Health app will also get an upgrade. In addition, iPadOS will get updates to its windowing and multitasking capabilities, while watchOS will receive updates to its watch faces and a mode that conserves battery life.

Although the Bloomberg story did not mention any planned modifications for Focus Mode, it would be a significant omission on Apple's side if they did not implement any adjustments to this system along with the software update.

It is possible that app developers that support widgets will benefit from this update since it provides them with an additional opportunity to attract the attention of consumers in a prominent location. In addition to that, it would provide the app developers that work on home screen modification with a means to broaden their product offers. That is to say, users are now able to download whole theme sets, which include matching wallpapers and icon themes, as well as sets of widgets developed specifically for both the home screen and the lock screen.

According to the source, the new lock screen may be prepping for a future when the lock screen has an always-on display, similar to Apple Watch; however, this would likely be related to updated hardware. In addition, the report said that the updated hardware may be required for this feature. In the event that it receives the go-ahead, this mode could initially only be available on higher-end iPhone models, such as the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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