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What Happens When You Follow Someone on Facebook

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Facebook App Icons on iOS Devices

Facebook App Icons on iOS Devices

From American Universities to Global Success

Facebook is the demonstration of how you can build an empire starting from a simple idea you have when studying at the university. The origins of the social network date back to 2004, when Mark Zuckerberg, while attending Harvard University, came up with the idea of creating a website that cataloged all the students.

From there, the climb to success began with expanding the service to other American universities until the birth of the website we know today, available to all Internet users.

Facebook Has Changed the Internet

Facebook has represented a revolution of the internet since its birth. It has changed how we interact with others, thanks to the ability to post updates, send private messages and join groups.

Facebook also represents a sort of "internet within the internet," as it is an entire ecosystem in which you can look for information, play games, watch videos and accomplish things you generally do when you surf the internet, but just within a single platform.

Facebook Is Built on Virtual Friendships

Facebook has improved social relationships among people who understand its potential, while it has also made others give too much importance to likes or the number of friends. Despite this, Facebook remains a valuable platform if used correctly.

Facebook works by making people build virtual friendships with others. Some users tend to do it just with their real friends; still, it is common for many to add strangers too. This leads to various issues:

  • Everyone you add to your friends can see your private stuff;
  • You open your profile to potential spammers and fake users;
  • You may receive invites to events, groups, and other things you’re not interested in;
  • Anyone can send you private messages with no control.

These are examples of why you should accept friendship requests only from people you know in real life. An alternative to connecting with others is to follow them.

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This article will explain what happens when you follow someone on Facebook and the difference between doing it and asking for friendship.

Facebook App

Facebook App

What Happens When You Add Someone to Your Facebook Friends

When you make friends with someone on Facebook, you add them to your private circle of trusted contacts. It means that they will have some benefits:

  • They can see your posts, photos, videos, and additional information you have chosen to share only with your friends;
  • They can send you private messages to your primary inbox so that you get a notification of what they have dispatched;
  • They can invite you to events;
  • They can post to your Facebook wall if you have enabled this feature.

What Happens When You Follow Someone on Facebook

Compared to asking for friendship, following a user has these limitations:

  • You can only see public posts, photos, and videos;
  • If you send a private message to someone you are just following, there is a high chance that message will be moved to the secondary inbox without the user being notified;
  • Your interaction with the user you are following is limited: you may comment on public posts, but still, you have fewer ways of keeping in touch with that user;

One advantage of the following system is that there are no limits to users who can subscribe to your feed. At the same time, you can keep up with no more than 5000 friends: that's why celebrities owning personal profiles instead of a page can benefit much more from being followed by their fans instead of adding them as friends.

In general, following someone on Facebook is not much different than adding a like to a page, so your interaction with that person will always be limited. The same happens on TikTok, Instagram, and other social platforms that allow users to follow others.

The Best Usage of Friendship and the Following Features

You should accept friendship requests on Facebook only if they come from people you know. The limit of 5000 friends and the privacy implications make it a good idea to allow strangers to follow your profile instead of adding you as a friend. This is even more important for a celebrity, a journalist, or other people who use Facebook to connect with their fans and who cannot add more than 5000 of them as friends.

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