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What Happens When You Archive an Instagram Post

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Meta Apps: Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp

Meta Apps: Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp

In the beginning, Instagram was intended as a social networking alternative to mainstream websites like Facebook, which was focused on photo sharing. Photographers and people who wanted to share their passions could easily find Instagram a good tool to express themselves. Then, Instagram started to get more and more popular, so it ended up becoming another mainstream social networking service, with even the interest of the Facebook company, which purchased it. Instagram's popularity has made the app one of the most used ever and people started joining it even just to keep in touch with their friends or share everyday pictures: selfies, photos of food at a restaurant, landscapes… everything someone wanted to share with the world, without the need of being a professional photographer or a passionate.

Finally, Instagram's popularity has contributed to the birth of a new figure on the web: the influencer. Instagram has changed the way we share our moments with other people and contributed to the social networking revolution not much less than other platforms like Facebook. With the growth in Instagram usage, also keeping organized our photos library while ensuring good control on what pictures we would effectively like to share with other people, may start to be challenging. For this reason, Instagram added some useful features like the ability to archive our photos. What happens exactly when you use this feature?

Overcoming the Privacy Control Limitations of Instagram

Instagram is used by some people not only as a social network where to share just the pictures they want other people to see: sometimes, users rely on Instagram as a full-time photo library where to archive all their memories. By doing this, they use the social network as an alternative to cloud providers, still, they face an important limitation: they cannot control the privacy settings of their single photos. Instagram only allows people to set their whole profile as private and only accessible by followers, otherwise, all the photos shall be shown publicly, without an option to set specific privacy options for each photo. Then, someone faces two alternatives at a certain point:

  • deleting all the photos they don’t want to be publicly shown
  • set the profile as private, by hiding also other photos they didn’t intend to show only to their friends

In this situation, the interesting alternative is what is offered by a relatively new feature of Instagram: the ability to archive posts.

What Happens When You Archive an Instagram Post

There are situations in which you may want to delete a picture from your Instagram profile, without losing it forever. You may want to do it to keep it private, with the ability to still access it whenever you want. Here we come to the archive feature. Whenever you archive an Instagram post, it will get hidden from the other users, while you still retain access to it. Here are a few points you need to know when you decide to archive an Instagram post:

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  • Your post will not be deleted: instead, it will be just hidden from the other users and you will be still able to access it through the archive.
  • When a post is archived, you will not only retain access to it: also likes and comments posted by other users will remain available under your post even if, of course, they cannot be seen by other people.
  • If one day you wish to restore your post, you can unarchive it: it will get back to your Instagram profile and also all the likes and comments will be shown back.

an Instagram post is a temporary decision or just a way to enforce privacy settings on a specific picture even if Instagram doesn’t specifically offer this feature. This is different than deleting your picture from your profile: in this case, we are talking about an irreversible decision.

Should You Use Instagram Archive Feature?

Instagram archive feature is a great way to enforce privacy settings for specific pictures you want to keep private without the need of putting the whole profile as accessible only to followers. It is also great for those people who use Instagram as the only place where to keep all their photos, and not only those they want to share with other users. Of course relying also on cloud services like Google Photos, Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Photos, or Dropbox is still the best way to keep a cloud archive of our pictures but, as a free alternative, also using Instagram and archiving all the pictures that are not meant to be shared with the public may work well for this.

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