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weBoost’s Home Complete Is the Cellular Signal Booster Kit for Large Spaces


The Need For A Good Cellular Signal

Communication is important — it’s the means for humans to talk to one another and convey their thoughts and ideas and dreams. In today’s business world there is nothing more important that being able to communicate. So what does that mean in the 21st Century? Well if you looked back to the early 20th Century most would say that using such things as fax machines and pagers and the like could make all the difference between a company and their clients — which by definition includes the company’s personal and all the suppliers that the company needs to keep going. What just got left out is probably just as important — it’s called the telephone. A device that let the company talk and aurally connect with their clients and personnel and suppliers. So it’s pretty obvious that today isn’t all that different from before; a phone is a valuable communication tool that avoids the impersonal coming from machines conveying information. And besides this it allows for emotions to enter the fray (towards success for the company if done right), and aids in avoiding misunderstandings.

So yes a smartphone will do all that and more — being a phone at its core but also a computer that doubles and triples as tons of varied communication devices. So with something so important it seems silly to have to bring up the single problem that can occur to phone communication: that being the quality of the cellular signal that the phone must rely on. And since a cellular signal can not be “chosen,” but must be accepted at the location the phone is being used, the odds of having the strongest and most stable cellular signal is far from certain. That’s why weBoost has gone the distance to ensure that the cellular signal gets triple thumbs up by bringing out their Home Complete Signal Booster Kit.


Getting A Long Reaching Cellular Signal

Now keep in mind that we’re not talking about a small space - this is weBoost’s largest signal strength enhancer/projection system. So we’re talking about it being viable in a small office space of up to 7500 feet — or yeah it could be a home office in a large house too. This is about covering a large amount of space so that you’re not confined to standing by a window or biting your lip each time the signal drops because you moved into another area or walked down a large hallway to another room.

Now because we’ve covered/installed a number of weBoost signal strength boosters, we’ve a fair idea of how the procedure for the Home Complete is going to go. The basic procedure should be the same, so we expect to do the following: 1)unpack and organize all the parts, 2)locate the best position for the outside antenna by monitoring the signal strength of our smartphone over a few days — another method is to use a signal app (examples being iOS/OpenSignal-Android/Network Cell Info Lite), 3)affix the signal transmitting cable to the outside antenna once it has been placed in position and then run the other end inside. Then 5)take the inside cable over to the booster/amplifier unit which is mounted inside (and which has an AC outlet available).

Continuing the process means attaching a cable to the outgoing of the booster/amplifier and running it over to the inside antenna and affixing the cable to the inside antenna which is at a height and location reasonable in proximity to the overall area to cover. This inside antenna is fabric covered, btw, and so looks much more ubiquitous to the eye.

Now turn the amplifier on and monitor the signal strength of the smartphone that’s normally used throughout the location.Compare these signal readings with those of the phone prior to this installation. Give a thumbs up to a successful installation.


Doing The Set Up

So the Home Complete was set up in a friend’s quite large house (over 4000 square feet). A reasonable amount of cabling is supplied, and we'll be proceeding with a temporary as opposed to a permanent installation (meaning the cabling comes in through a window crack as opposed to drilling a hole in walls). Following the guidelines noted earlier as to placement of the outside antenna, the whole business took 2 people less than 3 hours to set up (obviously a more permanent installation would add time to that).

Over the course of a week, the home owner/family used the cellular signal for mundane things, such as phone calls, along with streaming videos from YouTube and streaming services to mobile devices.

The end result was as expected: prior to installation the interior of the house displayed 2 - 2 1/2 bars on average throughout, and using cellular for anything other than calls was not worth the effort in some areas as compared to the home’s WiFi network. But once Home Complete was up and functioning, 3 and 3+ was not uncommon -- a strong and stable signal that made using cellular a viable option throughout the home. So it was no surprise that our friend was not pleased when it came time to pack it all back down.

Home Complete’s purpose is to amplify an existing cellular signal so as to make it more stable and have a greater range within the confines of a large space. It can’t “create” a cellular signal, but it can take the signal that is present and amplify it so as to make it more useful. It works with all carriers, is 5G ready and has no subscription or added charges built in. Other than a ladder and some common tools, all that is needed is included. Plus there is also an option for those who prefer to have professionals do the installation. For more details go to


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