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How I Resolved my "We Are Working on Setting You Up" in 2 days

We are working on setting you up


It took about a year for me to fix mine, after seeking help everywhere I could and not getting any. Almost every online writer or blogger wishes to have his/her personal adsense account to use on their own websites or others where the guest publish or run a blug. Many years ago, it was quite easy to acquire google adsense account, but now it takes a long time of struggle before one is able to get one. For some people like me, it is a matter of years. It appears there is lock attached to it in a way. It is disturbing whenever one receives a rejection message after an application, especially if you are sure to have followed all the guidelines.

You got your account approved eventually but you were only about half way through. There was a new problem you should resolve, that is the problem of making if functional by displaying ads and bringing in money for you. There are several adsense applicants worrying about how to solve this problem. It took over a year before to resolve mine. It was frustrating; I almost gave. But I latter discover I had wasted time for nothing. The correct information was all I needed, and it would have taken far less time to get it done with. It was a solution I couldn’t get anywhere even on forums. That is what I am sharing in this post.

I got my adsense account this way

I have been writing on hubpages some years. It was frustrating that I could not earn a penny like others whose testimony I read now and then. The basic requirement to earn from hubpages is you must have an approved adsense account. I applied several times for my own account but I kept getting the message: “sorry we are not able to approve your application.…” I decided to build my own site to apply through it. It might be easier that way – so I thought. After building it, I was able to get infolinks and approved, getting adsense remained a problem. Eventually, I got it. I never got a message notifying me of any approval as the normal situation. I decided one day to reluctantly resend my application; behold, I was informed that the email I used was already connected to an account, and the ID was displayed. I was surprised. So I went to and logged. This was what I met:

…. We are working on setting you up. This may take two days….

At last I have my own adsense account. I was happy, but two days came and went, two weeks came and went, two months did the same. I started asking questions but no answer solved my problem. I sent a complaint to adsense but nothing happened to help me. But it was something little I needed to do. I had placed my ID in its place on hubpages and I could see some cents now coming in, but my adsense account remained with that troubling message.

In two days, I got the account completed

I wanted to ignore it like before, but I did not. Always, I went in to try if I would find anything to about it. It wouldn’t have taken this long if only I had the correct information. Finally, I got what to do.

All I needed to do was to add my ID; that I did. On my website, the installation process requires copying of the code provided in my adsense account and pasting it in the specified places in the website. I was not sure my own website was ready enough for adsense approval so I was skeptical about using the adsense code on it first since I thought my adsense application was still under review.

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Now this was what happened which I needed to have done earlier. I went into my adsense account, went to add website on the drop down menu, and added my hubpages account name. In about two days, I got the message:

Congratulations! Your site is now ready to display google ads.

I hope this message will help those going through similar encounter. If your problem is like mine, then it is over now. Cheers.


Jacob Ado Ama (author) from Jos on October 12, 2020:

Hi Asa, for youtube, you have to be sure your channel is qualified for monetization; otherwise, you have to keep waiting.

And if your channel is ready to be monetized then you should go through you connection process again.

I hope this will help.

Asa on October 08, 2020:

But what if it's a youtube channel

What's the solution please ?

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