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Unique Ways to Learn More About Technology in the Digital Age

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Lanecia enjoys writing in an effort to inspire others. She has a master's degree in Library and Information Science from Kent State.


Technology and the Digital Age

Every generation has been affected by the rapid changes in technology over recent years in what we call the digital age.

Since the development of the first digital computer in the 1940s, we have seen tremendous developments in the way technology is used and distributed in society.

Before we knew it, the internet was where you could search and find just about anything you thought of. Our use of the internet has slowly transformed into various forms of communication and information gathering.

Communication via the internet is also widely known as social media.

Today, you can do virtually everything online, from shopping to ordering delivery. It is pretty evident that technology is continuously evolving transforming us into the digital world. What was once a paper trail has now developed into a digital trail. At times, it may be hard to keep up with the rapid advancements within technology.

It could get very discouraging trying to comprehend it all.

Here are some ways you can utilize resources to become more familiar with the technology within the digital age.


Visit Your Local Library

Take advantage of the resources at your local library to improve your knowledge of technology. Not only are services free, but these resources could offer the most current and useful information you're looking for.

Computer classes and workshops are often offered virtually and in-person. Classes help you to become familiar with today's computer technology and applications. Classes often range from morning to evening times, so there's always something that may fit your schedule.

You can also check out some great books and other library materials to learn about the current use of technology. Materials can be shipped to your door or offered digitally through your library's website.

Visit library computer labs where you can ask the staff about the use of technology.

If time allows, you can get a swift introduction to computer basics and internet usage as well. Library staff are also knowledgeable of additional programs in the community that can help assist you in finding technology trainining.

Utilize College Courses


If you are really serious about learning more about technology. Taking college courses on topics related to computer usage and digital technology is a great way to learn about the internet and other applications.

If you would like to take classes in the comfort of your home for free, here are some sites that offer free college-level computer training courses:



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Stanford Online


Harvard Online


There are many topics to explore such as how to use a smart device to getting familiar with email.

For a small fee, some courses may offer a certification diploma at the end, which gives you an opportunity to prove you are knowledgeable about the subject.

Get Acquainted With Your Community


Today, most communities provide programs that can help you get familiar with digital technology.

Visit your local community center to see if there are any programs that assist residents with the use of technology. If you are friendly with neighbors close by, they may be willing to help you as well.

There may also be churches or recreation centers in your community that may provide computer labs or computer assistance for local residents. Contact your local city hall to see what is available in your community.

Search Your Contact List


Sometimes help is only a phone call away. Dialing up a friend or family member who may be more familiar with technology usage could be of great help to you.

You may be more comfortable with people you know who can teach you one-on-one. Family and friends also may have more time to spend to teach you in a more in-depth session.

Also, take advantage of the technical support that comes with computers or smart devices you may have purchased.

Most of the time, you are able to get a step-by-step tutorial right over the phone. If the time allows, they may be able to tell you more on how to use other devices and other technology as well.



With the great deed of volunteering, you can learn many great techniques on the use of technology.

Register to volunteer for a company that specializes in technology or computer programs. This is another great way to engage with more people who can help you learn about technology.

Through your service, you can learn to utilize technology in a way that can better your understanding. Just contact your local community service center to find out if there are some companies that specialize in technology where you can volunteer.

Don't Give Up


Learning technology is not always an easy task. Especially if you have become adapt to using the older ways of technology. It may take time, but never give up. There are always countless ways to get the help you need.

Know that you are not alone in the struggle to adapt to the rapid changes in the digital age. The digital age continues to be of great influence for every generation.

As more generations are growing, adapting to most aspects of the digital age is necessary since more advancements in technology will be produced in the future.

Older generations may struggle due to the fact that technology was not quite the same in the past. Some would prefer to keep things as they are for the comfort and reliability of sticking to what they are adapted to.

Some old ways of using technology are still prevalent today, which makes it more difficult since the digital age continuously and rapidly makes changes.

So while we struggle to adapt to new changes, we are still able to go back to some of our old ways, which also causes some confusion when learning new techniques.

Time will tell how far we can go in the digital age. Think of it as a time of excitement and opportunity. With a positive attitude and persistence, one day we may all be experts in the technology of the digital age!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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