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Wall-E That Paints

From almost everywhere, now living in Bangalore, I am a writer, filmmaker, and long-time technologist.


Have you looked out of the window recently and wondered, how fast the city is developing and you are right in the middle of it; all the construction. Just last weekend, I was watching a movie called "Wall-E" on television with my family and suddenly we were interrupted by noises outside. My 9 years old daughter opened the window to check what was it while my wife and youngest one in the family, my son were not happy. My daughter with a sad look on her face announced it is wall painters for the apartment nearby which is under construction. We quietly went back to watching the movie while the noise(which was painters arguing, discussing, working, re-working) continued. After the movie ended, my daughter asked innocently, can Wall-E paint as well? I and my wife were taken aback by the question but I laughed saying, no because robots do not paint houses or buildings, maybe cars, etc. How do you know for sure, my wife shot back. Technology and scientists have taken man beyond Moon and you are saying, robots cannot paint like it is a fact. My daughter has already googled by then and with a smile, she was proudly showing the results to us. I was overwhelmed by what I saw.

Painter Robots Are Future Of Industrial Wall Painting

It is true, robots that paint cars and walls automatically, are here for quite some time. They employ technology that does the work without wasting material. It's basically roller fed with paint and is in contact with the walls. Most of these are at an industrial scale. But if you get to see the process, it is slow, dirty, lengthy, torturous, and disappointing. However much you go automatic and still have to employ the labor to clean it up after, it is not up to finish; the job is not done. Was I right then? I guess not, because there is this pioneering robotics company that has solutions to the painting needs of the construction industry. The world's first mobile intelligent paint robot MYRO is already out there catering to the demands of construction. You will absolutely fall in love with this painting robot just by looking at it. Its ATM-like design with mobility reminded me of futuristic robots. It is easy to operate from an iPad-based application. Available at your fingertips, you just have to set the map of the paintable space and it jumps into action right away as soon as you give it a go. MYRO carefully scans the surroundings using its high-end cameras and sensors, all connected through wi-fi and Bluetooth for smooth operations. In fact, the fast activation is due to more than 15 state of art sensors it has which enable scanning in a few seconds. It quietly paints floor to ceiling height of 3.1 m approximately 10.2 ft, wall by wall, in vertical lines. Acting as per the floor plan, it automatically skips non-paintable elements such as doors and windows. The high-precision proximity sensors with 360 degrees spheres of protection ensure that MYRO detects corners and avoid collisions. Its accuracy is amazing up to 2 cm. This accuracy does not compromise its fast-paced painting with a maximum speed of 40sqft/min. And know this, the painting robot applies machine learning algorithms which mean better performance every time you use it. It weighs under 150 Kgs, for hassle-free storage at your home or can be left at the site of work.


MYRO Bot Is Your Robot

It made me think if all wealth is gained from labor, why is it that most of the wealthy never have to do it? MYRO aims to remove lengthy, manual labor work that is not entirely safe. Booming businesses thrive with reduced reliance on labor and safety costs which is facilitated by this painting robot; 80% more effective than the best human labor available in the market. It saves lots of paint, other materials, and tools. So next time you order an estimate you will have an accurate one and not an approximate. And why just paint, because of its Airless Spray technology, it can work with any water, solvent, or oil-based emulsions, distempers, and primers as well. All of this super precision and unmatched quality brings a smile of satisfaction once you see the consistent paint finishing on walls. Your iPad flashing real-time data logging and self-monitoring gives you total control to command MYRO. One can only wonder with awe with this knowledge, what a fascinating world of painter robots!

Robotics and other combinations will make the world pretty fantastic compared with today

— Bill Gates

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