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Vocal Media: The Worst Writing Platform Ever!

Born in London, I currently live and work in Accra, Ghana. I am a writer and creative entrepreneur.


Vocal Media

If you’re new to the world of blogging and online writing, you might not have heard of Vocal Media.

Vocal is an online user-generated content platform. As a writer, you can sign up and start writing straight away. You get paid based on your traffic stats.

It’s totally free to sign up however, if you want to increase your earnings and access more features, you need to sign up for the Vocal plus membership which is $9.99 per month.

The Vocal paid membership gives you the following benefits:

$6 per thousand views instead $3.80

You get access to the commenting feature which allows you to receive and comment on other people’s content.

You also get to enter cash prize contests and activate the pledge feature which allows readers to pay a monthly fee to support your content.

Also, with the paid option, you can cash out at $20. With the free option, you would need to wait until you earn $35 before you can cash out.

My Experience on Vocal

I’m not going to lie or sugar coat anything about this platform. I’m going to give you the real tea here!

Is Vocal Media a Scam?

My Real Experience on Vocal Media

First, one of the good things about the platform is that they offer bonuses. When you write your first five articles, you get paid $5, then, another $10 when you publish ten articles. When you hit the 50 articles mark, you get a $50 bonus.

You also receive $5 when you like 15 articles, another $5 when you hit 1000 reads on your articles. Every time you get a top story, you receive a $5 bonus and another $5 when Vocal share your content on Twitter or Facebook.

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You can also get random bonuses for writing helpful content about the Vocal platform.

Now, here’s more about experience as a Vocal Media content creator:

I am not going to lie, the bonuses were nice but the overall experience has been the worst.

I stopped writing on Vocal some months ago because they refused to pay me $400 that was owed to me. They claimed that my traffic was fake and stopped responding to me.

I threatened to take legal action against them and they eventually paid up. It took weeks before I got my money, I don’t recommend this platform.

Their support staff are rude, they don’t care about the writers on the platform, they are more concerned about paying influencers to promote the brands they work with.

Terrible Platform

Vocal Media is supposed to be an advert free zone but in reality, it’s littered with sponsored content from paid influencers who sign up to the platform to write one article about a brand, then, they disappear. I believe that these so called influencers are paid models because they seem to come and go. They publish one article, then, another person comes along and does the same thing.

The company is shady and I’m warning everyone to stay away from this vile platform.

Stupidly, I went back to Vocal because I had some affiliate links in some of my old articles and I received two big commissions from those articles. I made the decision to go back and once again, Vocal are refusing to pay me.

This time, it’s not much, it’s $50 that i’m owed but it’s been three weeks since I requested payment, I sent them a message to find out what’s going on, they ignore my messages.

I even sent a message to the company who owns Vocal, once again, ignored.

To be honest, I advise anyone who wants to make a living from online writing to create their own website. These sites are not to be trusted.

Medium is by far the best platform however, they have a habit of deleting accounts with no warning, it happened to me. I’ll write about that soon.

Have you had any experience writing content on Vocal Media or any other similar platform? At the moment, the only platform I can recommend is Medium. No, it’s not a perfect platform by a long shot but it’s much easier to earn money on there, the community aspect is great, and there are many highly, skilled and successful people on there.

I will write a Medium review soon.

Thanks for reading.

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